The Week in Android Apps

Keeping up with the Android market can be a difficult task, as can keeping up with all the new applications and application updates we post weekly. Instead of overloading and bringing a whole new selection of applications for you to read about, let's take a look back at some of the applications we have posted about over the past week. Join me after the break for the recap.

Facebook for Android / Twitter for Android updates

Social networking plays a huge part in many people's lives, and while on the go they need to be able to keep in touch easily with friends and family. Facebook has updated to allow the use of places, groups and enhanced their notification system, while Twitter has enhanced some features and sped the application up a bit. Read about Facebook here, and Twitter here.

Movies by Flixter

Movies by Flixter

Another of the improvements to the Facebook app is single-sign on -- meaning other apps can use your Facebook info to log in. And one such app is Movies by Flixter, which now includes Facebook's single sign-on. Read more about it here.



For those who use their Android device as an MP3 player, PowerAmp is one application you will not want to miss. PowerAmp is a very feature loaded, easy to use application, and words do not do it justice. Be sure to check out more information, as well as a video review with us here.

Cows Don't Fly


If gaming on your Android device appeals to you, this game is a must have. It is a bit on the odd side to many, but the game itself is rather challenging, and offers users 15 levels, each getting progressively harder. Check out our full review, and video of the game in action here.

Mobile Nanny


If you have watched the news lately it will come as no surprise to you to know that cell phones aid kids in getting in trouble. If you are a parent, and are looking for an easy way to keep up on your kids life, this application is for you. Mobile Nanny allows parents to log in to a web interface and view stats about devices in which they have the application installed. Read more information about this application here.

Western Digital Photo Streaming App

Are you one of the many that like to capture memories in still format and save them forever? Ever wish you had a way to easily show off your entire collection while on the go without having to store them on your media card? The WD photo app will allow you to do all of this, and even more. For more information about this head here.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians


With this app you'll get the latest news on the three sisters and their exploits around the world. Plus you can watch clips of the show, flip through photo galleries, check out their tweets and share your favorite content with your friends. Read our full application review here.

Jared DiPane
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