Samsung teases new Galaxy Watch for those with a 'passion for the outdoors'

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 on logs of wood
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What you need to know

  • Samsung is expected to launch the new Galaxy Watch 5 series at Unpacked this month.
  • A Samsung executive teased a new watch that caters to users who love the outdoors.
  • Samsung discusses its work with Google on Wear OS and Health Connect, while boasting more than 200 million active users on Samsung Health.

The clock is ticking until Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event on August 10. While more leaks of Samsung's upcoming devices continue to emerge, the company is also taking time for some teasers of its own, with the latest discussing the Galaxy Watch series and its focus on health.

TaeJong Jay Yang, executive vice president and head of the Health R&D team at Samsung's eXperience Business, posted a blog on Tuesday, talking about the achievements the company has made with its wearables, helping users to stay focused on their health and wellbeing.

"The world has entered a new era of wellness, seeing a growing desire for a more nuanced understanding of overall health. In the past, health was a simple concept with a single definition. Now, everyone defines health and wellness by what it means to them. To accommodate everyone's health goals, Samsung is committed to ensuring everyone has access to the resources they need, so they can work towards the best version of themselves."

Yang talks about three main focuses for the company when it comes to its wearables: sensor innovation, connected wellness, and industry collaboration.

The BioActive Sensor sensor on the Galaxy Watch 4 is a primary highlight, given its ability to help users track various metrics like body composition, something not commonly found on smartwatches. Yang expresses how this and the sensor's ability to track sleep can help users stay on top of their wellness and hit their health and fitness targets.

Yang also highlights the Samsung Health app, which he says has more than 200 million active global users and is "at the center of Samsung's health experience across an extensive range of devices." In addition, he talks about its work with Google to co-develop Wear OS and the new Health Connect initiative, which the company hopes will bring more users into the unified platform.

Lastly, Yang discusses how it hopes to continue researching ways to give users a more holistic view of their health while providing devices that can meet these needs.

"To meet this demand, Samsung is excited to continue expanding our Galaxy Watch lineup to better cater to the many unique needs of our users — especially those with a passion for the outdoors."

It definitely sounds like Samsung has a new target audience for its upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 series. While Wear OS smartwatches aren't generally known for having stellar battery life, the company is expected to launch a new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with a slightly different design and a larger battery that can last multiple days.

Many of the best fitness smartwatches feature extended, multi-day battery life, which can be useful when tracking workouts and hikes, so the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may be just the watch for these types of users.

You can read Yang's full blog post here.

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