Garmin Enduro 2 boasts 150 hours of battery life for a hefty price tag

Garmin Enduro 2 displaying different exercises on the watch screen
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What you need to know

  • Garmin has announced the new Enduro 2 GPS smartwatch for extreme endurance sports.
  • The watch can last up to 150 hours in GPS mode, thanks to its solar charging capability.
  • It also includes touchscreen controls, improved mapping, and better positioning precision.

Many of Garmin's wearables have become a staple for endurance athletes, and the company is back with a new multisport GPS watch to replace last year's Garmin Enduro.

Garmin has unveiled the Enduro 2, a rugged GPS watch in a lightweight package built for ultra-performance athletes. Perhaps the watch's main selling point is its extended battery life compared to its predecessor: it's claimed to last up to 150 hours in GPS mode thanks to its solar charging capability. That's an impressive 40% increase compared to last year's model.

In smartwatch mode, the Enduro 2 is capable of running for 46 days. But beyond its longer battery life, Garmin's latest contender for the best GPS smartwatches includes improvements to mapping and GPS accuracy. The watch comes preloaded with TopoActive maps.

It also offers multi-band GNSS for better positioning accuracy in any environment, coupled with Garmin's SatIQ technology to optimize battery life. The sports watch comes with NextFork, which allows you to see how far you are from the next trail intersection.

The Enduro 2 also features a visual race predictor, a grade-adjusted pace feature to help athletes adapt to varying terrains, and an automatic rest timer. You'll also get built-in indoor and GPS sports apps for mountain biking, swimming, hiking, running, golf, yoga, and surfing out of the box.

Garmin's new GPS watch also brings back the built-in LED flashlight from the Fenix 7 series, but this time it's twice as bright. You can even set the flashlight to a red safety light mode or switch on the strobe mode to match your cadence and keep you safe while you're out on the road after dark.

Garmin Enduro 2 official render in black

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All of these features complement the watch's built-in health and fitness features that monitor your heart rate, SpO2, respiration, stress, and sleep. As a smartwatch, it offers Garmin Pay, incident detection, and music storage support.

The Enduro 2 has a lightweight titanium bezel and rear case, a 1.4-inch Power Sapphire lens, and a nylon band. Its touchscreen interface works in tandem with Garmin’s traditional button controls.

You can slap all of these capabilities onto your wrist for $1099.99. The Enduro 2 is available to purchase starting today.

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