Watch the Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass presentation from E3!

If you weren't watching the Microsoft Xbox keynote from E3 live online, or following the WPCentral liveblog -- which you really should have been doing might we add -- then fear not. Thanks to the WPCentral guys, the bit that might interest Android fans is here for you to view at your leisure. 

We're only really interested specifically in the Xbox SmartGlass announcement, which Microsoft today said will work with Android devices turning them into a second display for your Xbox. There's a chunk that might not end up being useful for us, but the wireless video streaming and second display stuff, well that looks mightily appetizing. 

We're looking forward to hearing more about this service and just exactly how it's going to pan out on Android, but in the meantime, enjoy.

Richard Devine
  • Just watched the whole thing. There wasn't any direct mention of Android. There's a vague reference to working with "the TV, phone, and tablet you already own" (8:07). It seems like a pretty cool setup if you have an XBox360, particularly the way your phone or tablet turns into a companion device for you TV or XBox games.
  • The WPCentral guys can't have been too interested in keeping in the bits that mentioned it working on iOS and Android ;-)
  • This is all interesting yes, and looks quite cool for certain aspects, but as a "gamer" and heavy "PC user" I find none of this really appealing to me. I want a console for gaming and the added benefits of video at it's heart, all this peripheral mess is just more expense and more unnecessary additional tasks/uses/features for a gamers point of view. So as a gamer I have been and will be looking to Sony for my living room entertainment (my bluray player does most of what I want in the living room apart from gaming anyway) Microsoft are definitely going the way of home media living room PC approach - which of course some will love and some will not want, so i hope Sony and Microsoft survive together without locking each other out of certain services that would be detrimental to the other. Nintendo I'm not even going to comment on with the Wii U ;-P I've rambled lol, been watching too much E3 haha
  • Not too impressed to be honest. Very limited use even if you do want to use it and for day-to-day use, it's pretty much pointless. M$ can be quite innovative, who knows why they decided to sit developing this useless tech. The only upside is the 'pause on TV and watch from there on tablet' feature...but still..