Watch as Google walks you through the new wonders of Android O

Developers, get excited! There's a new version of Android on the horizon and it is chock full of new and exciting features to integrate into your apps. Users, you can get excited, too, because these new features mean better apps and an overall better experience on Android.

To get developers revved up and into the trenches of the Android SDK, Google published an Android O Developer Preview video. Sit back, relax, and bring a pen and some paper (or a Chromebook with a comfortable keyboard) to take notes. The video will teach you about new changes to Android, including background restrictions and notifications channels.

Florence Ion

Florence Ion was formerly an editor and columnist at Android Central. She writes about Android-powered devices of all types and explores their usefulness in her everyday life. You can follow her on Twitter or watch her Tuesday nights on All About Android.

  • So when will we get "o"? 2020? Because I'm still waiting on N
  • Depends on your phone manufacturer and your carrier. I'm on a Pixel XL, so I should expect mine soon after release. Can't comment on other OEM's, though I thought the big OEM's (Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC) were pretty good with their updates? With their flagship phones getting software updates only a few months after the official release.
  • If only Pixels were more affordable. Need to keep an eye out around Black Friday...
  • Also, Pixel will get support only for 18 months unfortunately even after being expensive like iPhone.
  • Samsung 7 Edge, AT&T 170+ days to get the Nougat update... Nah... I'm going to the Pixel lineup later this year... to get the frequent updates... Samsung and AT&T are terrible at pushing updates out in my region. Just depends on what you want. Hardware, camera, software with frequent updates, battery life, coverage etc...
    Will dictate what phone is for you... Or... Apple... With longer software updates..?
  • Pretty much , unless you get a new phone every year. Which I stop doing.
  • You must have a Motorola or htc. Sorry
  • Maybe after I see Nougat I'll care..
  • I wish I could have Android 7. I'm in the UK, I'm on Three, I'm using a Galaxy S6. I got an update last week, a very big one, which I assumed was going to be 7, and it turned out to be another version of 6 - an update that took God knows how long getting to me. This is only my second Android, so maybe the rest of you are used to this, but this is very annoying for me to be reading about 7.2 and now 8. I can understand brands wanting their own flavour, but I wish Google would take control and force everyone to use the same OS at least. Carriers could add a launcher if they want a different look on the shelf.
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • I agree! But guess, cat is already out, so google can only do so much on Android platform. Probably that is the reason Watch and Chrome OS are all controlled by Google updates and anything new Google will do (beyond Android) will possible follow the same approach.
  • There is no 7.2 (yet). Perhaps it's 7.1.2 on your mind.
  • This answered all questions I had.
  • I had a Samsung Galaxy S7 and with the latest round of new phone releases decided I wanted something new. When I analysed what was important to me in a phone the top two items (assuming everything else was at least good) were camera and timely updates. I spend an unhealthy amount of time getting excited about firmware updates. Thinking about it in this way led me to the Pixel. I bought one on Monday. I can relax a bit now, lol!
  • Surely Google could afford to pay someone with better command of English to make these videos.
  • Did you not understand what he was saying? Unfortunately for people like you, most of the guys with the brains, who are bringing these android goodies to you, are all foreigners. So get over yourself. If you did not understand what he was saying, then maybe you need a "better command" of the queen's language
  • The person hosting the video doesn't have to be a developer.
    Just someone who speaks clear English.
    So get over yourself.
  • Stop buying oem phones and stick to nexuses and pixels. That's how you get updates on time. Or... Root your device.
  • lol at the guys saying never because they have a non pixel nexus. At this point in the game you must have known how updates would come when you bought your phone. Its not a surprise anymore.