Froyo on the Droid Incredible [video]

Wow, what a wait it has been. The Droid Incredible faithful (of which I am a member) have waited what seems like forever for Google's latest version of Android to hit their phones. But finally, Froyo is upon us and it is glorious. If nothing else, you can finally sing along with Strong Bad as Trogdor ravages the countryside thanks to Flash 10.1. For those of you who have yet to receive the OTA notification, you can find links and manual download instructions here. Watch the full video walkthrough along with a Quadrant score comparison past the break. 

Check out these Quadrant benchmarks I ran right before and right after upgrading to Froyo. Eclair is on the left and Froyo on the right (100 percent improvement!). I noticed a huge difference in the frame rates when Quadrant was running the 3D tests, so you gamers should see increased performance as well.



Kyle Gibb
  • I don't understand it. Incredible 2.1 Linpack scores were what, 6/7 MFLOPS? Install 2.2 and it spikes up to like 35-40 MFLOPS. Droid X Linpack scores were 8+ MFLOPS on 2.1, install 2.2 and it only goes up to 14 MFLOPS? What gives here? Not to mention that the Incredible on 2.2 is still performing less than the Droid X in Quadrant on 2.1. I don't trust any of these benchmarks anymore :/ If you feel the experience on your phone is smooth then its smooth. Numbers produced by a benchmark are meaningless it seems. But glad to see the Incredible's reception to Froyo has been good. Happy for the patient DInc owners.
  • Don't ask me for the exact logistics behind it, but the Linpack app isn't friendly to the OMAP processor running in the X. Thats why us X users don't see the significant performance boost in that particular app. But hey, we kick some shit in Quadrant and Flash, so thats all that matters to me.
  • If I'm not mistaken, JIT compiler is not in the DX leak. The Froyo on the DINC is official. I think once we get 2.2 official (any day now) it will look much better. I too have read the Linpack does not favor OMAP, so I tossed it.
  • JIT is in the leaked 2.2 for the Droid X. It's the reason the phone even gets the 14 MFLOPS vs 8 on 2.1. Look at the Droid 1/2. Both running 2.2 and see almost identical performance numbers in Linpack as the leaked Droid X. The above poster is right, Linpack doesn't play nice with the TI OMAP processors. Shame. Oh well like I said benchmarks don't mean a thang'
  • My Voice Actions don't work. Even the box looks different from yours. "Text to..." goes to a normal Google search. What gives?
  • Go to the Market and you will see the app (Voice Search) is actually a separate download from Google.
  • same here ...what gives?
  • you need to update the app. D/L voice search by Google from the market
  • Best use of flash ever...
  • And what better use of flash than Strongbad! The email what what the email! :)
  • ..
  • Can't see the video.
    It's already been removed.
  • Already went back up. Sorry for the confusion, technical issues
  • HOW DO YOU GET THE 3D gallery ON THE Incredible? THANKS
  • The voice app is different than what I have voice search ...what happened to the standard froyo app?
  • Where's the video?
  • I'm sorry but that was one of the WORST put together videos I have ever seen on this site if not the worst
  • Could be his first time man. If so give him some slack. And at least someone did a walk through of our beloved D. Inc.
  • The ear speaker doesn't work on my phone now that I've updated to Froyo. Anyone having this problem? Anyone have a fix?
  • As for the flashlight app, I'm digging the Auto flash and SOS functions.
  • There seems to be a major problem with the send text and call voice actions. For a lot of people they dont put the contacts name in the to: line, it goes to the message portion.If you say "text to mom" it puts nothing in the to: portion. But "to mom" becomes the first part of the message. If you say call "mom" it shows an internet search for mom. Can whoever made the video explain how he got it to work correctly?
  • Any one notice that flashplayer did not, i repeat did not come with update. verizon told me that it will come out in the market. I was just a little upset, to say the least. If anyone recevied it with theirs you are ahead of the rest. Plus I am haveing alot of force close and gliches. If you have an answer on how to solve please let me know.
  • Froyo sucks on my incredible!! It has bad lags and tons of bugs and glitches. And battery is worse. Anyone else with problems. I'm gonna go back to 2.1. My phone was so much smoother and less glitchy before. This sux, I'm pissed.
  • Agreed. My Incredible functioned much better with Eclair. With Froyo, I get a lot of hiccups and lag while scrolling, and it seems like at least 15 apps are open now ALL THE TIME. Even with the automated task killer... it wasn't nearly this bad with 2.1. At most, I used to see 6-7 apps running when I wasn't looking, and I could just kill them. Now, since the upgrade, it's closer to 15 and I'm pretty sure that's what's causing the lag and the battery drain. WTH? Why do all my apps all of a sudden want to start themselves?
  • I'm having the same issues. Froyo is killing my battery within 4-6 hours! 2.1 was much better for me.
  • I too am having an issue with the voice stuff. First of all, it looks nothing like it does in the video when I go to do a voice command. Mine still looks like 2.1 did. I dont have the help button or anything when I bring voice command up. Something isn't right. Other than that, Froyo is treating me good on my Incredible. I haven't experienced any lag or anything, and scrolling is smooth and as responsive as it ever had been. Anybody know why my voice command thing doesn't look like it does in the video though? It would be nice for it to work as it does in this vid.
  • Ok don't know what all these numbers mean. I just know that my Incredible is running slow and buggy after Froyo. Not happy.
  • Why can't I unlock using the menu button anymore?
    Is there a way to turn that back on?
  • My froyo experience has been mixed. New features and performance are welcome but seeing some frustrating out of nowhere reboots....does the Dinc reset itself if it gets too warm? Swype also seems unstable even after several reinstall.
  • So the new 2.2 is ok I'm pleased with it, with the exception of when I try and watch videos whether its on YouTube or any other site half way through the video it says "sorry can't play video" this only occurred after update if anyone has the.solution or something please comment thanx