Waiting for new Plants vs. Zombies 2 levels? Here's how to make the most of that time!

You're going to need some help in the new world in PvZ2 — we've got a few tips to get it for you​.

We're not going to name names, but a few of us here are more than a little addicted to Plants vs. Zombies 2. And for good reason — it's one of those mindless time sucks that you can put down as easily as you pick it up. That's a good thing. And PvZ2 took us out of Dave's backyard and into three new worlds — Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas and Wild West — in which to kill zombies. With plants. All in search of a precious taco, or something.

Anyoo. If you're like me — erm, us — you've by now completed those three worlds and are awaiting a fourth. (Is that some sort of Futurama-like city?)

And before you go moving on to some other game of the month, we've got one tip that's going to make that fourth world a whole lot easier once it's available.

Play the endless levels

Maybe you just really love Plants vs. Zombies. Nothing wrong with that. And, so, you've got "endless" levels in each of the three worlds to play. They're a perfect way to hone your skills, and they keep things interesting, randomly offering plants from which to pick.

Ancient Egypt has the Pyramid of Doom. In Pirate Seas it's Dad Man's Booty. And in the wild west you'll play Big Bad Butte. (Yes, really.) They're fun, for sure.

But there's an even better reason to play these endless levels.

Store up on all the coinage you can 

Like so many games today, PvZ2 has a number of options for in-app purchases. (Though it's blessedly less annoying about it — and they're far less necessary for success — than other games.) You can buy coins outright ($2.99 for 5,000 coins, or drop $10 on 450,000) or earn them the hard way.

Coins can be spent during each level on plant food, which is a sort of power-up for existing plants. They're must-haves when it comes to taking down those damned gargantuars.

Or, you can use coins on any of three "power" upgrades — the pinch, toss or zap. Those three upgrades will save your bacon. Plants not getting the job done? You can pinch zombies to kill 'em. Or toss 'em away. Or, yes, zap 'em. 

But there's one catch 

Whatever you do, don't use any of "power" upgrades you already have while you're building your bank. You'll need them in that fourth world. No matter how much you want to get to one more level in the endless levels, you can't give into temptation. (OK, you can, if you want. But you get what we're saying.) If you want to get through the fourth world with relative ease, you'll need easy access to plant food and power upgrades.

That takes coins, though. And unless you want to spend some actual hard-earned money on them, you'll do well to play the endless levels in Plants vs. Zombies 2. You'll thank us come that fourth world.

Phil Nickinson