Visible brings the Samsung Galaxy S21 to its affordable service for just $33/month

Contour Cut Camera housing on the Galaxy S21
Contour Cut Camera housing on the Galaxy S21 (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

New phones and monthly data plans are incredibly expensive lately, with many service plans costing over $70/month and phones like the new Samsung Galaxy S21 starting at nearly $800. The big carriers offer ways to break the price into more digestible monthly fees, but they still require expensive data plans. Now, Visible is selling the Galaxy S21 and S21+ with an affordable plan that seriously undercuts major carriers.

Visible is offering the Samsung Galaxy S21 starting from just $33/month with 0% APR, letting you break up the cost of the phone over 24 months instead of paying a huge lump sum. The Galaxy S21+ is also available for $41/month.

The monthly installment plan isn't the only way Visible is making it easier to get a Galaxy S21. You'll also get a $200 Samsung gift credit if you're switching to Visible and porting in your phone number. That gift credit will be good at, where you can buy accessories like a case, wireless charger, or Bluetooth earbuds.

The biggest perk: An affordable 5G plan

It's one thing for Visible to match major carriers' pricing with an installment plan on the phone, but it also has incredibly affordable service. The most you'll pay for Visible's service is $40/month. For the price, you'll get unlimited data on Verizon's network as well as unlimited talk, text, and even mobile hotspot capability. Better still, Visible now supports 5G connectivity, so you'll enjoy the latest networking standard at no additional cost.

When you consider that many carriers offering the Galaxy S21 will require you to activate it on one of their premium unlimited plans, which can easily cost anywhere from $70 to $90 every month, Visible's value is obvious. You'll be able to get the Galaxy S21 and unlimited service for just $69/month or the Galaxy S21+ for $81/month total. But remember, that's the most you'd pay.

Visible has a system for making your bills even smaller. If you join Visible's network with family, friends, or even some random person you just met yesterday, you can lower the cost of your monthly service even further. Visible offers a Party Pay system that will let multiple users drop the price of their plan to as low as $25/month. Each user still has their own account and pays their own bill, so no worrying about friends forgetting to send you their share. With Party Pay and a device installment plan, you could be paying just $54/month for a new Galaxy S21 and unlimited data on a 5G network.

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