U.S. passes E-Label Act to free your gadgets from ugly labels

President Obama has signed the E-Label Act into law on Wednesday, which will allow electronics manufacturers to add labels for products using software rather than having to print the labels on hardware. Essentially, with the law, phones and tablets can be made with cleaner designs as labels and stickers will no longer be needed and the information could instead be found within the phone's software. Android phones today ship with labels detailing the serial number and IMEI numbers either on the exterior shell, in the case of devices with a non-removable cover, or under the battery compartment.

According to a report on The Hill:

The change should give companies more flexibility under Federal Communications Commission rules, supporters argued, especially as consumer electronics get smaller and smaller.

Other pertinent labeling information that could be moved into software could include FCC, recycling, and UL logos for the U.S. market.

Source: The Hill