Save up to $45 on three months of US Mobile's already-affordable service

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US Mobile does things a little differently than other carriers out there do, and while the rates are already insanely affordable, the carrier is offering Android Central readers an exclusive chance to drop the prices even lower. We recently took a deep dive into US Mobile, checking out the plans, data speeds, and more, and walked away from it quite impressed. With plans that start at literally just $6 a month, it's hard to believe that the company can afford to bring the rates even lower, but it has.

Entering the coupon code MNATUSMACT during checkout will score you up to $45 off your first three months of wireless service with US Mobile. You're able to select the plan of your choice, and after entering the code you'll get 50% off the selected plan, with a maximum savings of $15 each month for the first three months. With this discount, you can get unlimited talk and text, along with 5GB of data for $12.50 a month, or step up to 10GB of data for $20 a month, or go all-out and opt for unlimited data for $25 a month.

You will need to enable autopay in order to be able to redeem the promotional code above. This means that US Mobile will automatically withdraw the funds from your account each month to pay for the service. Additionally, you can't combine this great deal with any other deals, and it doesn't cover the taxes or regulatory charges, so you should expect your bill to be a few bucks more than the amounts we've stated. You also can not use the promotion to buy Top Ups, just regular monthly service.

Need a new phone to go with your new wireless service? US Mobile sells a few, though you're likely better checking out these five Amazon Prime exclusive unlocked phones to help keep your costs down all around. Be sure to get your order in now, and check out our full review of the service for additional insight and information about the carrier, its plans, data speeds, and more.

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