U.S. bans laptops and tablets on flights from eight Middle East countries

The Department of Homeland Security is rolling out new restrictions for carry-on items for U.S.-bound flights from eight Middle East countries. Electronic devices larger than a smartphone are prohibited from being carried onboard flights from nine airlines operating out of 10 airports in eight countries. People flying from these airports will have to stow laptops, e-readers, portable gaming devices, and cameras in their check-in baggage.

The DHS cited attempts in the last two years involving laptop bombs as the reason for the enhanced security measures:

The US government is concerned about terrorists' ongoing interest in targeting commercial aviation, including transportation hubs over the past two years, as evidenced by the 2015 airliner downing in Egypt; the 2016 attempted airliner downing in Somalia; and the 2016 armed attacks against airports in Brussels and Istanbul.Evaluated intelligence indicates that terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation, to include smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items. Based on this trend, the Transportation Security Administration, in consultation with relevant Departments and Agencies, has determined it is prudent to enhance security, to include airport security procedures for passengers at certain last point of departure airports to the United States.

These are the airports where the new restrictions will be enforced:

  • Queen Alia International, Amman, Jordan
  • Cairo International Airport, Egypt
  • Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey
  • King Abdulaziz International, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • King Khalid International, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait International Airport
  • Mohammed V International, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Hamad International, Doha, Qatar
  • Dubai International, United Arab Emirates
  • Abu Dhabi International, United Arab Emirates

The ban doesn't affect any U.S.-based carriers as they do not have direct flights from the airports mentioned above. It does, however, affect these airlines:

  • Royal Jordanian
  • Egypt Air
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways

The airlines have until Friday to comply with the new restrictions, failing which they risk losing their operator license in the U.S. As of now, there's no end date to the restrictions, with the DHS stating that they will be in place until the "threat changes."

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • Discrimination
  • No it isn't
  • How is this discrimination when all they trying to do is keep the American people safe. why what are you afraid of, have we foil your plan to attack????
  • How is this keeping American people safe? When has there been an attack? This is pandering to the lowest common denominator to divert attention away from the fact he has committed treason.
  • +1
  • Yeah ok. One of these days you might grow up.
  • +2
  • Considering this targets a handful of international airlines flying long-ass flights directly from major Muslim cities/countries and is taking away their top forms of in-flight productivity and entertainment, I think this could be seen as both discrimination against the people who fly these airlines and as an unfair business practice against the airlines, as I'm sure some people will rebook to a flight that allows them their electronics in-flight. And I somewhat doubt the usefulness of their ban here when a laptop bomb exploding in the cargo hold would still probably bring the plane down.
  • Get over it. There is no "ban". They just can't bring anything larger than a smartphone as a carry on.
  • There has been more attacks from racist nut jobs like Dylann Roof busting caps in our own us soil than those countries entering the US. Stop being so ignorant I say you're more likely to get killed here than by a terrorist.
  • What are they discriminating ?
  • Laptop's and tablets. It's right there in the Constitution you shall not discriminate against technology....still trying to find it but it's in there
  • It's next to the part about private citizens owning fully automatic assault weaponry with high capacity magazines... Or is that different? Because... Reasons? I don't know what the writers of your Constitution would've said about certain people not being allowed to carry books and parchments on ships and carriages... But I bet there IS something in there that covers it.
  • Fully automatic guns have been banned since 1930's. I know you don't live here, but not that hard to research.
  • Automatic guns aren't banned, they can't be banned because the constitution protects our rights to own one. You just need the proper paperwork.
  • Different and you know it. I see the 29th you guys start leaving the union. Enjoy your sovereignty. Not a jab, I mean it.
  • My mistake, replace fully with semi and I'll stand by the statement. Sovereignty? Do you mock me? Or have you heard something I haven't about the monarchy being removed? Besides you can't eat sovereignty, or warm yourself with it... Or use it to fund eduction or healthcare... But that's a different discussion. I would ask you not to say that to me again. It may have genuinely not been meant as a jab, but it is a big one.
  • Looks like you are very passionate about Brexit. In all honesty I think it will work out just fine. Could be wrong, but there will be growing pains.
  • It might, but I think the 20 or 30 years of hardship the British people (likely without Scotland) are looking to face will be worth it More shrinking pains...
  • "shrinking pains". I like that. Perfect
  • Like Erik said there has been a full auto ban since late 1930. Second nope on the books or as you said parchment all the Constitution does it limits the powers of the federal government. Nothing more nothing less. So if a ship company back in the day said no books or pens/quils the founding fathers of the Constitution would have said boo since it was a private company.... Unless it infringed on your rights and there's nowhere in the Constitution where it says you have the right to pen and paper
  • You mean the second amendment? and banning electronics from a COUNTRY (not a race or group or religion of people, a COUNTRY) banning electronics from it compares how?
  • They need to figure out a better, more effective, way of screening these items instead of just banning them. That 16 hour flight from DXB back to LAX is going to be painful and unproductive without my laptop or tablet. I wonder if the Kindle is banned too? Ugh.
  • Yeah, it's gonna be rough. But with larger screen phones it shouldn't be THAT bad.
  • Yes it is. That's a 16 hour flight with only your phone and probably no charger. Assuming you charged to full at the gate, that battery is still gonna be dead by the time you arrive unless you do practically nothing with the screen on except turn on the music and occasionally change tracks.
  • Portable charger...
  • Yeah it will be soon before they ban non cellular portable lithium batteries.
  • Well, the battery should last much longer on airplane mode.. Plus many travelers have chargers on them. Hopefully the plane has outlets
  • Unless you're on some sort dinosaur of a plane, these international flights come equip with USB chargers and in-flight entertainment.
  • They can bring a book can't they? Or can they not read..... Oh wait.... that's right. Most woman from most of those countries aren't allowed to go to school....
  • What's a book? We don't need no book learning around these parts. I miss books, ah, the good old days.
  • Dude, you're from Florida... Glass houses lol.
  • Florida is nothing but a bunch of Yankees.
    So Florida is educated. No one was born there. Accept for Gator. Haha
  • Florida is educated "accept" for you.
  • How does one type a novel on a phone? Or work on preparing a presentations? Or work on coding assignments (I've done it lol)? Either be less productive or skip those airlines/airports completely.
  • And that's where I see lawsuits being brought by these airlines for hurting their business.
  • Where would they file this lawsuit? In the court of international airlines? I don't think anything like that exists. Foreign transportation is allowed to operate in the ports of countries by the grace of the host country. No country is required to allow another country's airline to operate in their borders. This is a call that HS feels is necessary and not direction from the White House. Sometimes you have to trust the people trying to keep us safe. I use to make 16 hour flights back in the early 90s with no laptop or mobile phone, and I survived. For business people who really need that time to work, you probably just have to book a flight to Frankfurt first and then fly another airline in from there that will let you use your laptop.
  • Lol hurting their business because the can't use a tablet or laptop on flight you can't be serious tell me you're not serious.
  • So you can be just as productive on your phone as a laptop? People that travel regularly for business also work on the plane while traveling, this obviously reduces their productivity. I'm not gonna argue if this is right or wrong, but it is FACT it will hurt business professionals that take these flights.
  • What did they do before technology took over?
  • Sleep, I still do it actually.
  • And listening to some guy talking your ear off which you have no interest whatsoever. Like a shower curtain ring salesman.
  • Cue the crying from the liberals
  • Cue the jerkoff conservatives
  • Those salty tears are so good
  • You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you.. I'm happy you were smart enough to navigate on the web to this site, create an account, and make a comment. Baby steps.. You'll get there big guy!
  • Calm down both of you. Debate all you want. Want to be a jerk? Take it elsewhere.
  • Exactly. Any time there's the slightest perceived sleight on the middle east, the liberals lose it. Even though not a single one of them have opened their doors to the refugees they love so much. Look, do I think this ban is going to really make a difference on "laptop bombs"? No. I think the whole TSA nonsense is misguided and missing the mark. However, i'm not going to bit** and moan just because the Government is finally doing one of the only jobs it needs to do, which is to try and keep American's safe from outside threats.
  • +100000000
  • +googol
  • Get a security blanket if your scared
  • The problem is that this isn't an attempt to keep the homeland safe from outside threats... It's just an attempt to make it LOOK like that's what they're doing. If it saved lives it'd be a different story, but these theatrics are just a huge waste of resources.
  • Bingo
  • Yep. All this does is rally the mentally challenged troops.
  • I guess it's better than banning the person.
  • One wonders how stowing such devices with checked-in luggage in the cargo hold makes it any better..?
  • F logic..
  • There's no wondering about it. The chain reaction of batteries exploding/igniting in the cargo hold could be catastrophic. I believe cargo hold fires have caused a couple plane accidents this decade alone.
  • Preciously. A small explosion in a pressurized oxygen rich cabin is far more damaging than that same size explosion in a cargo hold.
  • In the cabin someone would notice and have a chance to put the fire out. I thought this is why we were not allowed to put laptops in checked bags. Did that change?
  • Someone noticing and grabbing a fire extinguisher is still slower than an automatic fire suppression system, I think the initial issue for having laptops in the cargo hold are concerns about lithium batteries in non-pressurized cold storage. I guess HS feels the bomb risk is higher than that. That's why I'm not up-in-arms about this and I was over the other ban issues. I really don't think they'd be doing this unless they really thought there was an immediate threat. Nothing about this feels political, mostly since Saudi is on the list. Politically we always avoid them when going after terrorist even though the majority of the 9/11 initiators were from there.
  • another bs idea of safety and security. the threat will be lower by 0.01% they either block everyone from everywhere carrying anything but clothes and food - medicine, or nothing
  • Perhaps the initial explosion, rlbrooks. But if the cargo hold is now filled with devices sporting lithium batteries, that chain reaction of explosions/fires will be much worse.
  • Sorry, I mis-read your initial comment. An explosion in the cargo hold would be bad, true. But an explosion and fire need immediate fuel and pressure. The oxygen thin cargo hold also has automatic flame retardation systems and would vent all pressure on initial explosion. Same as a fire-cracker exploding on an open hand compared to a closed fist.
  • Hope so rlbrooks, however there have been confirmed cases of cargo hold fires bringing down airplanes. And if this happens once because of this law, holy hell, can you imagine the outcry?
  • laptops dont ignite like gas. if your laptop in your bag explodes next to my bag with a laptop in it. my laptop will very much likely not explode.
  • And if there's a fire, your laptop will be able to navigate itself around said fire? I want your laptop. ;)
  • you misunderstand me. I don't mean your laptop wont be damaged or destroyed beyond use. but your laptop will not explode just from being next to a laptop that has exploded. the explosion would be caused by an internal malfunction. So unless it was left to burn long enuf to actually melt your laptop, your laptop shouldn't explode. on a plane this shouldn't/couldn't happen.
  • Thank you !
  • This is all good and well and finally a president with balls, but this ban should included cellphones as 90% of attacks are generated via cellphone and detonations,
  • Yes, Russian bought balls. Will you still defend him when he is in jail for treason? And please tell me when we have had an attack on an airline coming to the US?
  • Last I checked it was 1996, and even though you quickly lost Steven Seagal in the process, Kurt Russell rose to the occasion and saved the day. Oh yeah, and it was a f*cking movie, too. The US President is doing what's expected of him at this point: feeding people with the illusion of safety, making farcical headlines. Understandable. But then again, they failed to stop a dozen guys on their soil (flying domestic, that is) with kitchen knives back in the day, so ban all iPads if you wish. Same difference.
  • The whole Russian crap is a way for people to comfort themselves over Hillary losing and being the worst candidate of all time. I thought Trump was the worst candidate of all time but the Democrats managed to put Hillary forward and she proved us all wrong. There is zero evidence that the Russians hacked a single vote. The only impact they might have had, was leaking information to the American public to let them see just how corrupt Hillary really is. Not to mention, you idiots are the ones who defended Obama when he said Russia wasn't a threat.
  • And all Trump does is trash talk on twitter and tweet about sextapes. You conservatives hate Hilary so bad and fall for Trumps snake oil salesmen tactics.
  • Even tho I can't stand President Trump. If you don't think Hillary Clinton was not selling sake oil. Then you are naive, or just sticking your head in the sand.
  • Sad Truth is Americans had no real choice in the last election, both Clinton and Trump were a joke unfit to run a country.
  • What's 90% of zero?
    There are no attacks on planes using cell phones in at least the last decade.
  • A few note 7s did try to activate skynet and exploded.
  • Yep. Ban cell phones on all flights for all individuals regardless of country of origin.
  • I wonder how many of these devices will be stolen by baggage handlers. I can see thefts going up because of this. Like a poster stated above, most terror attacks are committed by cell phones. Besides, wouldn't it be better to actually see a device start on fire in the cab instead of having it simmer for a while in the baggage hold?
  • Also gives US Customs and Border Patrol the opportunity to clone every hard drive and tablet they want without giving the owner a chance to object
  • Rich folks from Dubai must be infuriated. Lol.
  • Forget rich Arabians. Dubai is a pitstop for a lot of major airlines traveling between the US and Asia. And some of these flights are 13+ hours. It's going to be insanely frustrating unless they the airlines have some good movies to pass time.
  • It's only for direct flights from those airports, so the logical conclusion of most folks is rebook your flight with a layover so the ban won't effect you.
  • @Ara: This isn't true, as I'm traveling on Emirates from Dubai to LA tonight, and the notice when checking in is for direct and transit passengers.
    The ban isn't in effect until March 25 for Emirates, so I'm squeezing in before it hits.
  • Excellent point. Rebooking for a connection in Frankfurt, etc will be the work-around for this.
  • Look at the bright side... people will read more books, book sales go up. Lol.
  • But but.. I read ebooks on my tablet !
  • I look forward to the sensible and polite comments that are sure to appear
  • You'll have to look very hard.
  • As it happens, i'm flying from Dubai to Los Angeles tonight. When I went to check in, the message is saying that these restrictions are effective March 25th. It includes everything larger than a cell phone... laptops, tablets, even e-readers/Kindles.
    I take this flight a lot, and it is very inconvenient. Also, Dubai is a major hub to the US for many Eastern countries, Arab or not, so this is a widespread ban on devices from many more countries than just the eight listed. It used to be that I just had to turn my devices on to security, but now they're banned from in-cabin baggage. Ugh. I'm glad I'm squeezing in before the ban, but future trips will be so boring. 16 hours with no Kindle or laptop is a loooong time.
  • I'm sorry that you will have to go through this on future flights.
  • I think the government should take a really hard look on which countries in the middle East, exactly have the biggest records of causing problems for the American people and Which countries don't so they can adjust the restrictions properly.
  • Next to none?
  • A$$hatS like Richard Reid (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Reid) dictate increased security measures. if the airports and airlines listed won't implement appropriate security, then this has to be the natural response.
  • This is stupid.
  • Hahaha...My own fault for clicking...I'm out
  • Businesses will not take this lightly.
    And those recent measures taken only serve to anger normal people of those countries. The goal percieved is to make America safer; i don't know its effectiveness.
    What i know is that hate towards the US gov. increased exponentially.
    I love the people, but not the gov.
    I'm from one of those countries.
  • I think it is to make YOU safer on your flight.
  • Well i don't feel safe when the immigration offices at the US airports question random people with stupid questions which they already know the answers, and investigate our software in our devices and steal our passwords.
  • I love the comments on this site. While you all might have great knowledge about Tech and gadgets ( I include myself in that statement) You don't know Shoot about international terrorism. You also do not know about what information the security authorities are acting on. The President was probably not involved in the action. There is a specific reason this action is being taken, to protect your A$$ and your family. As a refugee of 35 or 40 long haul US Asia flights in the 80's and 90's we survived and you will too. If you don't like the ban reroute or take a US carrier. If you are stuck on a flight with no entertainment Drink!
  • Oh no, the U.K. has instituted a ban of devices on flights as well. Will the liberals blame Trump for that ban as well? Lol MAGA https://www.engadget.com/2017/03/21/uk-flight-device-restrictions/?sr_so...
  • Most likely they have some actionable intelligence that there is a real threat from this. That's why both the U.S and it appears to be UK is doing the same thing. This blame Trump for everything is starting to get old. Even though I don't like him and I think he's an idiot it is really starting to get old.
  • And not sure if it was cnn or bbc's website, that Canada is pondering this as well. While I feel this makes no sense, it also is a temporary policy. Still nobody made a big deal when they couldn't bring a bottle of water through airport security, haven't seen a bottle of spring water has taken down any plane.
  • If Canada is considering there might be something to this.
  • the difference is a bottle of water was banned for everyone.
  • Yep. Thank you for this. There is a huge difference. Ban all of these electronics for everyone or don't do it at all. The guise of this being a safety issue is a joke.
  • I was just on an international flight with Delta. Each seat had its own tablet installed the back of the headrest. There was more movies than I could scroll through to choose from including newest releases. Built in games and brain teasers. Just as many TV shows as movies and even live TV channels. The standard music selections were also present. I know it's nice to be productive if needed but I only found one individual (the few times I was up using restroom or otherwise) that actually had a laptop out being productive. Same one every time. I doubt not having access to that would have ruined any business affairs though. Anyways, the entertainment side was definitely covered. I was very impressed. I'm sure most others will begin adopting similar setups if they don't have them already implemented.
  • this will only force the real enemy to find different ways to do it. Find ways to detect it rather than stop them from doing it. I guess its easier to just say you all arent welcome here. i wonder what would happen if white people treated white people the same way they treat the rest of the world. one strike or even two and you count out the entire rest of the group. but white people get all the chances and do-overs they can fathom. always the benefit of the doubt.
  • So banning some electronic devices is a white people against the world issue?
  • shouldnt be. and you likely dont agree. but who do you honestly think makes up the DHS? a bunch of white dudes. Now lets consider this. how many times has a white dude killed a bunch of innocent people? are there any regulations that specifically target white dudes? why not? one terrorist attack by an arab guy and a whole group is placed on a watch list. its kind of like a parent riding for their kid in school as the victim knowing full well their child was the aggressor. i guess i can understand why but can we stop acting like this **** isnt real?
  • Bunch of white dudes, who were hired by a African American president at the time. Why does race always come into the picture?
  • Clearly your understanding of government appointees is lacking. That's all i will say about that
  • Who appointed them? Then we vote. Big difference?
  • so your initial point was obama appointed them. when i showed you that was false, your point becomes trump appointed him but we voted for trump. Trump's america 2017 ladies and gentlemen!!
  • Never said Trump appointed them. Mix up on my part. Not sure what your point is? Still thinking you want to inject race into the issue. Not about race but security. Disagree , that's fine. All good.
  • its "all good" when you've talked yourself into a hole. my point was and has always been, when you have a misrepresented group you will have **** like this.
    from 2015, Congress was 80 percent white, 80 percent male and 92 percent Christian. pretty sure that is hardly the make up of people in the country. let me explain something to you. if it were 80 women there would likely be time off for menstruating and men wouldn't get a day. i bet you would find that unfair. but guess what the people in power made the rule and all the women would love it. so who would fight for you? no one!
  • Well, we need more minorities to run for office then. I would like to think we have evolved as a nation where we would vote in the most qualified. I'm sure you disagree, but there are many conservative minorities in office. I know that doesn't fit your narrative. I don't care what color they are as long as they have my same interests at heart.
  • Actually the kuklux Klan and white suprececy groups in general are targeted and investigated as we speak.
  • The US just had a black president for 8 years and guess what, there were travel restrictions put in place during his time as well. He has family members that are Muslim. Stop making everything about race. It isn't. But it's an easy card to play to try and gain sympathy.
  • lol at the thought that because there was a black president somehow all racism is destroyed. its not even about black people. but eff yea black president!!
  • You are right... He race baited the entire country. Made things worse. Go ahead, keep it coming. You have nothing. Play the race card with nothing to back it up.
  • that funny considering when i say something is racist you say we had a black president! we both have the race card in our hands. don't condemn me for using mine
  • Not even close. We elected a black president, we have come a long way. Can we do better? Yes. President Obama would not been president if not for the white vote. Fact.
  • And neither would Trump
  • And the black vote. He received a higher percentage than Mcain or Romney
  • Have a legitimate argument and then you won't be condemned. But you don't. You just throw race out. I'll happily throw it back in your face.
  • ....
  • If a hot-bed region of state sponsored terroristic threats, funding and activity consisted of white people, I would hope that this would apply to that region too... Especially if they have white button up shirts and glasses.
  • you think terrorist groups are sponsored and funded by their country's governments? show me the receipts. That's the kind of propaganda that spreads and is widely accepted.
  • Yep they are. That's why it's called state sponsored terror organizations. If the states aren't supporting them, then they should be doing much more to eradicate them from the face of the Earth.
  • like america does with the KKK or numerous other hate groups? unless if i follow your logic, america must be funding them too
  • The KKK isn't funded or supported by the US government. Stop trying to spin to fit your narrative. When was the last terror attack by the KKK? Go ahead, use Google because I'm sure you have no idea what you are talking about.
  • you said to me 'If the states aren't supporting them, then they should be doing much more to eradicate them from the face of the Earth." so going by your logic if the KKK isnt supported by the govt why do they still exist?
  • Because they aren't actively killing people like ISIS and their countless spin off groups. American citizens, who obey the law, are not targeted. They are free to believe how they want. If they start breaking the law, they will be targeted.
  • Last I checked there was no statute of limitations for murder
  • And what exactly is your point? If there is a KKK member that committed a murder, then it's being investigated like every other murder in this country. Just because someone is a member of the Klan doesn't automatically mean they are breaking the law.
  • Surely you realize that statement contradicts your argument.
  • Nope, it sure doesn't.
  • I would say give up, but don't. Can't reason will liberals.
  • Just killing time really. Based on his rant about white people, he's clearly a racist.
  • Earlier I said: Now lets consider this. how many times has a white dude killed a bunch of innocent people? are there any regulations that specifically target white dudes? why not? one terrorist attack by an arab guy and a whole group is placed on a watch list. its kind of like a parent riding for their kid in school as the victim knowing full well their child was the aggressor. i guess i can understand why but can we stop acting like this **** isnt real? You argued that. Now you say if a white guy commits a crime he should be punished but the whole group should not reflect his actions. Meanwhile you support banning a whole nationality of people because a few are terrorists. All I asked is you all admit this is real but you continue to argue it's ok if your white but everyone else is a threat. You are a hypocrite and I have nothing left to discuss with you. I'm going to let you in on a secret. I don't come here to try and change your views. I come here to allow you to prove that you are a lot more racist and ignorant than you want to believe.
  • First off, I didn't go off on a rant about a particular race like you did. You are the racist. Second, this article is about banning certain electronics from the cabin of flights. The USA is not the only country implementing the temporary policy. The UK is doing it as well and Canada may follow. I don't want to hear any of your secrets. I don't care why you are here. You have accomplished nothing.
  • Because I'm lazy and don't feel like wasting my time arguing with blind opinion... Here is the Wikipedia version. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/State-sponsored_terrorism If you want more info or numbers, feel free to type "state sponsored terrorism" into Google.
  • OMG. For Pete's sake. They can still bring them... It just has to be in their checked bag. They just can't carry them into the plane for in-flight use. I'm sure that the world won't end if you have to stay off your laptop for 10-16hrs. Watch a movie or take a nap. You can still use your cell phone.
  • Tell that to the average North American and they will riot. Why should these areas just accept this?
  • They shouldn't except this TRASH! This fear security theater is comical. As sad as it may be, if someone wants to get a bomb on a plane, they can if they are determined enough there is no safety protocol LOL they miss things on those scanners all the time
  • I am a Muslim, I live in Jeddah, K.SA,. where king abdul aziz airport is located..I just want tell that the trump's america is greedy bi#tc#..which is not gonna great again. the US sells every type of Sh#t to us...makes a S#hit load of money...get the OIL at the cost what they want..
    please I dont want to hurt any of the readers or any US nation patriot..I want to tell that I am seeing huge changes after trump elected..you readers know how much it cost to get a new unlocked phone in america or a laptop or tablet...if a person go for a tour...he have to spend much more to get these electronics
  • The US pays what it wants for oil because it's a free market. If SA doesn't want to sell at that price, then don't sell it. Put it in a barrel and stare at it for years. There are plenty of other places willing to sell oil.
  • The price is regulated by OPEC, which the U.S. isn't a member of. In fact, OPECs flooding the market with crude oil and lowering the prices is what directly led to the decimation of U.S. oil production and caused thousands of people to become unemployed. We definitely don't pay what we want and take what we want.
  • Production in those countries is regulated by OPEC. Oil is bought and sold on the market. When supply outweighs demand, prices go down. Free market at work.
  • ?
  • Shame Trump can't be banned on flights,put him in the hold,along with his trailer park polices.
  • Typical liberal. It's not just the USA banning electronics on flights.
  • https://newrepublic.com/article/138754/blame-trumps-victory-college-educ... You are welcome, that thinking has been debunked many times. No I'm not a Trump fan. He was 18th on my list when this circus started. Having said that, better than the alternative.
  • Just stopped by for the liberal anguish and vitriol. Not disappointed. LOL. I'm out, on to real tech news, rather than huffpost "lite".
  • Where you going? Might stop by.
  • So how does having a bunch of electronics with lithium batteries in the cargo hold make it any safer?
  • It doesn't unless you are brainwashed into believing this is for safety or an anti terrorist move.
  • In other countries when they raise taxes, raise tuition, etc. people of all colors ages races sexualities and backgrounds come together and FIGHT THE OPPRESSOR why is it so many lobotomized americans just continue as mindless drones, the 9 to 5 the slave wage etc. the government and their silly antics this is comical....sad comedy......hmm hmm hmm everyday I think to myself maybe TODAY they will finally have enough and come together and expose the true enemy
  • Let's answer your question with another question. Was the laptop that blew a hole in the side of the Daallo airlines aircraft really a laptop? This is not a Note 7 style limitation, this is a IED limitation.
  • It's just a matter of time before they do this with all flights. Fear is contagious.
  • The irony in this silly world the 'terrorist' are the ones telling you about the terrorist ...with the right amount of $ and finesse you can get just about ANYTHING on a plan, do people really feel safe, 'safer', by having their bodies scanned on those microwave scanners LOL huemans...particularly americans and their civil liberties LOL! they fall for EVERYTHING !
  • Yes, if your mother got blown up by some radical moron with a laptop bomb, you would be complaining about not enough security measures.. These devices have already been used this way in attempts... Evil times call for tough measures.