UK Droidcon's latest sponsor is...RIM?

October sees Android developers decend on London for Droidcon 2011, with a new sponsor now in tow ... RIM

The Blackberry makers have signed up as a gold sponsor for the event which takes place on Oct. 6 and 7. Craziness. Or perhaps not, as soon RIM is expected to launch its Android app player for it's Playbook tablet. 

Announced via the conferences official blog, the organizers are expecting "interesting news and demos in London." 

See the announcement after the break.

Source: Droidcon

Blackberry comes as our new Golden sponsor!

If you know Blackberry mostly known for their Blackberry OS or more recently QNX running on the Playbook you might be a bit surprised! But RIM also announced in April that their new tablet the Playbook would be running Android apps! Since then little news apart from the video below and demos given here and there.

But with Blackberry now on board for Droidcon 2011, we will be expecting interesting news and demos in London!

Richard Devine