U.K. court rules HTC smartphones do not infringe Apple patents

As smartphone legal battles continue in the courts, HTC has reason to celebrate over Apple, if only momentarily. U.K. Judge Christopher Floyd has now handed down a ruling in HTC's favor against Apple and their claim of four patents against HTC.

The patents in question revolve around the slide-to-lock mechanism, scrolling through photographs, changing alphabets and multi-touch software that allows users to touch the screen in two spots simultaneously. While Judge Christopher Floyd deemed the photo management patent valid, he also ruled that it was not HTC who violated it.

When it comes to further addressing the issues in court, the same four patents will be up for question in Germany later this year. As far as the U.S. is concerned though, the International Trade Commission decided this week that HTC can continue to sell devices while it investigates patents surrounding the detection of telephone numbers in emails.

Source: Bloomberg

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