Twidroyd now back online!

Although it took a little why to go through the Twitter approval process, we're glad to let all you Twidroyd users out there know that services have now been restored. The recent suspension put in place by Twitter has been removed, and it is suggested that you grab the latest Twidroyd update if you're still seeing any issues.

As for why the popular app was suspended? UberMedia founder Bill Gross explained on Quora:

1. Twitter said that in UberTwitter and Twidroyd we use a tweet-elongation service named that allows people to write more than 140 characters, and that this service may post private messages on a public website. At their request, we have removed this ability.2. Twitter said that in UberCurrent we change links that are part of an affiliate program to be our own links. We don’t currently do this, but we removed all changing of links to eliminate any possibility of this.3. Twitter said that they would like us to change the name UberTwitter, and we have changed the name to UberSocial, effective immediately.

Now, go forth and Tweet on! Download link can be found after break for you all. [Twitter, Quora (opens in new tab)]

  • No... it still says not connected...:-( buuu
  • Don't see the link buddy
  • Thank God. Mine works fine. EVO.
  • Hey Twitter....get the f*ck over yourself. You inconvenienced and pissed off hundreds of thousands of people. And your Twitter app sucks.
  • so they're not supposed to protect themselves from lawsuits, and their own trademarks? got it...i'll remember that when i want to start up a fast food chain called mcdonaldsland
  • Yeap, Twitter gave the middle finger to ALOT of users with their stunt... They think its going to make me run over and use their inferior app?? NOT a chance..
    About as much chance as a spammer sending me 100 msgs about their product and I decide too go out and buy it.... right... good luck with that! Very Hapy Twidroyd Pro user here.. back online! :-)
  • New to Twitter ..... what is wrong with the standard app ? I don't post I really just read a few select members posts (stern show)
  • There is nothing wrong with the official twitter app. There just happens to be some 3rd party apps tweetdeck, seesmic, twidroyd, plume, tweetcaster and I am sure plenty of others that users find they like better for 1 reason or another. Give them a try, they all have free versions and some have a pro paid version. You may find you like the stock twitter app the best. I found I like tweetdeck and seesmic a lot.
  • The third party apps have more options and much better UI. I'm currently using Plume. The official twitter app is crap.