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Trapster set to release largest update yet; 9 million users and counting

Trapster, one of the most widely used apps across all smartphone devices, is receiving a major update soon (no exact date has been set). The app mostly known for its ability to warn drivers of known local law enforcement hide out spots, will soon be bringing more helpful features: 11 new trap types, rotating maps, and better tracking to the Android app.

"The whole idea of Trapster is to keep drivers safe on the road. The new hazards help increase your safety on the road and keep you informed of any recent changes," said Sean Farrell of Trapster. "Also, we noticed that users like reporting traps and by adding more trap types, this gives users more opportunities to contribute to Trapster." 

Trapster has been growing every day. In fact, the company is averaging as many as 15,000 new users each day. Soon -- as in any day now -- Trapster will also surpass 9 million users. We asked Sean about what particular trends Trapster was seeing in new users,"We notice that new users use the app a ton! When users use other navigation apps, they tend to only use them when they need directions. Trapster users use the app every time they drive, because they want to be informed of potential road and wallet hazards ahead."

Trapster, is a lot like the location based service, Foursquare. Both experiences become fundamentally richer and more helpful, if more users contribute regularly. Sure, 9 million users might seem like enough people to make it work, but if only a couple thousand are contributing, then the service is falling short and its potential is not being fully realized. Sean explained to us, "New users love to get into the app and try out all of the features. Users want to mark all the potential traps in their area, and also vote on existing traps."

Dunno about you, but we're looking forward to avoiding more high ticket areas and experiencing some of the new Trapster trap types (say that five times fast). Especially "Ice on Road" trap; winter is upon us. Click on after the break to view all 11 new traps that are being added to the app. Also, be sure to check back soon, as we will post a review of the latest Trapster build (read our initial review here). Thanks, Sean Farrell!

School Zone

This trap signifies a School Zone. These static traps do not expire and

represent an area on a street near a school or near a crosswalk leading to a

school that has a likely presence of pedestrians.

Children at Play

If you see children at play at such places as parks, playgrounds, schools,

and cul-de-sacs, make sure to marke it on the trapmap using our Children at

Play sign. These traps expire 2 hours after the last confirmed vote of


Car Accident

We’ve all seen one and maybe even been in one, car accidents. They cause

traffic, mayhem, and lots of headaches. If you see a car accident help other

users by reporting it right away. These traps expire 2 hour after the last

confirmed vote of approval.

Construction Zone

Construction zone, roadwork, anywhere the roads are being worked on that

causes backup, congestion, and even dangerous road conditions.

Dangerous Curve

Just as the name of this trap states, dangerous curve. These traps do not

expire. However, please be as accurate as possible when reporting traps. We

have a team of trapologist here at Trapster that review all traps to make

sure they’re accurate with the help of google maps.

Dangerous Intersection

You know those intersections, common accidents spots or treacherous

conditions that add up to a dangerous intersection.These traps are static and

will remain on the map until voted down by numerous users.

Brush Fire

If you happen to spot a brush fire while driving, make sure to report it

using this trap. Brush fire traps expire 6 hours after the last vote of


Flooded Road

Flooded road signs expire after 6 hours of the last positive vote.

Ice on Road

Let other users know about icy road conditions with this trap. Ice on road

traps expire 4 hours after the last positive vote.

Narrow Bridge

Let other users know about narrow bridges ahead. Especially, helpful for

travelers or users new to the area.

Road Closed

Warn drivers of closed roads. These traps last up to 6 hours after the last

positive vote.

Road Kill

Not the prettiest thought but road kill can make for a very dangerous road

condition and accident. See a dead animal on the side of the road or in the

road make sure to let other users know. Road kill traps expire after 6 hours

of the last positive vote.

Toll Booth

Let users know of upcoming toll booths, toll roads, or toll stations ahead

with this trap.

  • I am a little divided on apps like this. How about just obey speed limits and just in general follow traffic laws?
  • Good point but what about those times when u r late for work or just don't realize you are going that fast.
  • As someone who has grown up in NJ and was taught to drive in NJ, I can safely say that driving the speed limit on the NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, I-287, or any other major road in NJ will get you run off the road pretty quickly.... unless there is a cop in front of you.
  • @rubyn, people like u are such buzz kills that trapster needs to add you all as warnings.
    i mean gosh!!
    anyways, doesnt the trapster app suck up a ton of battery??
    im going over to read the review.
  • @Aleis, couldn't you just plug your phone in to the car charge to solve that problem?
  • Buzz kill? Gosh? Wow. Great argumentation.
  • I installed this and when it loads up to the login/create account/continue with no account screen it is completely unresponsive. It also dims the screen alot for some reason. Uninstalled/reinstalled once and it didn't help. On Droid Inc.
  • Same here, Droid X
  • Does this app overlay on top of google turn-by-turn navigation?
  • I found that most "traps" have been reported by one person and that person is a local police officer. They basically set up trap warnings everywhere there is a school, a slow down in speed limit, etc. Which people should slow down in those areas, but it isn't very informative or useful. Trapster also continually uses resources even after its completely off. They need a little better optimization of resource usage....same for apps like Vlingo and Starttalking.
  • I uae trapster alot, love the app but you havr to remember to turn if off when it is not in use.
  • At 9 million users, I seriously doubt all the traps being reported are coming from police officers! (sorry, but that's kind of amusing right there!) ;) Personally I look forward to downloading this app and participating. Just another helpful tool to go with my radar detector.
  • if evrybody just would report things on trapster, it would be great. i forget at times though
  • Trapster is an amazing app!!!! I've been using it for over a year now, have it on everywhere I go. The potential for this app is beyond anything you can imagine and it keeps getting better with every update!