TomTom Interested in Releasing Turn-by-Turn GPS Application for Android

As good as Google Maps is for most everyday Android users, many users still clamor for a high quality turn-by-turn GPS solution. Enter TomTom. Having just released an official application for the iPhone platform, TomTom recently announced their interest toward Android and plans to develop an official application for it. According to a VP at TomTom:

"We cannot ignore such a successful platform as Android. HTC is an important partner of ours and Android is becoming increasingly important too." 

Though we would obviously prefer a Google Maps turn-by-turn solution, we certainly can't deny a GPS heavyweight like TomTom. We've tested the iPhone TomTom application and in our brief time with it, it truly feels like a standalone TomTom GPS unit. If TomTom can offer the same experience with Android, we'd happily jump on board.

What do you guys think?


  • " many users still clamor for a high quality turn-by-turn GPS solution." Either you or those users obviously haven't heard that CoPilot live for Android is out there. Turn by turn, voice, everything you could want and you only pay for the app, not a monthly fee like navatron. I can't see what Tom Tom is going to bring to the table over CoPilot and knowing Tom Tom, the price will be higher than the $39.00 CoPilot costs.
  • cajundog is right. Tom Tom has name recognition and possibly more resources - certainly the ability to market the app to the masses. I was one of "those users" who 'obviously hadn't heard that CoPilot live for Android is out there'. Now that I know (thanks cajundog!) I'm going to check it out. I think this is one of the major problems of the Market. The App Store has the same problem. Now that thousands of apps exists, there's no easy way to navigate. Nokia's Ovi Store has some interesting ideas that might work like showcasing apps based on your location. Perhaps future versions of Android will fix this problem.
  • There is a gpl open source project ( that aspires to bring a free open source navigation solution on top of the openstreetmaps map base. Would seem to fit the android sensibility. Seems to be more of a good idea than a product at the moment - maybe some of the readers of this estimable website can help.