Egg, Inc.: Boost your farm's profits with these tips and tricks

Egg, Inc. is a truly bizarre game set in a future world where the universe has poured all its secrets into chicken eggs. You decide to get in on this massive movement by scaling up your own egg farm's production, researching the latest egg evolutions, and in turn making astronomical amounts of money.

It's a super addictive clicker game with beautifully simple graphics, so many upgrades to research, and endless swarms of chickens. It's all about exponentially scaling up your farm's value by ramping up your egg production. Whether you're just starting out as an egg farmer or as a seasoned Egg, Inc. veteran, we've got some great tips and tricks to help you maximize your farm's profitability.

Watch the skies!

While the goal in Egg, Inc. is to maximize your egg profits, the quickest way to get an influx of cash is by catching a drone. Drones are constantly flying over your farm, even when you're looking in menus, so you'll want to always keep an eye on the edges of the screen for any incoming drones.

To catch drones, you need to keep an eye out for shadows, which appear first and give you clues about its direction and speed. All you have to do to catch a drone is tap it, and it will come crashing down to the ground, bringing with it millions of dollars (or sometimes Golden Eggs).

How much money you get from drones depends both on the production and profit rates of your farm and their speed. The absolute fastest drones are worth dropping everything to catch, but they're also super hard to catch, even when you're ready and waiting for them. They're the only ones that turn, and you often only have a second to react when they come shooting through.

But those are the ones you really want — they often include astronomical bounties often 1000x bigger than the other drones. They will help you quickly build bigger henhouses, improve your distribution vehicles, or quickly complete common upgrades to your farm.

Tap effectively

By default, Egg, Inc. gives you a modest round button for spawning chickens — but that simply won't do. Tap the blue circle next to the button to expand it to an oblong button across the bottom of the screen. This lets you tap with multiple fingers at one time.

Finding a comfortable tapping method is key — maybe you want to do a three-finger gallop rhythm or try and lightly tap all four of your fingers as fast as you can. I've found the latter to be the most effective way to produce chickens the fastest, but find whichever method is most comfortable for you.

And remember — spawning chickens is only a small part of scaling up your farm.

Don't waste your gold eggs on time boosts

As you play Egg, Inc., you collect Golden Eggs (which are different than the Rocket Fuel eggs that only look like they're made of gold). You have a couple options where you can spend your hard-earned Golden Eggs — on epic farm upgrades or on time boosts, which fast forward 30 seconds, one hour, or eight hours depending on how many Golden Eggs you spend.

Now, fast forwarding might seem like a great idea when you're getting billions of dollars a second — you do the math and think 25 Golden Eggs isn't too bad for an instant influx of cash in the trillions.

But wait! You're better off spending all your eggs on epic farm upgrades. This is because these epic upgrades are permanent and stay with your farm after you prestige. These upgrades will really help you in the long run, way more than endless time boosts, so spend those Golden Eggs wisely!

Don't forget to prestige

Scaling up your farm, unlocking new egg types, and endlessly swarming chickens to your henhouses is fun — but if you want to reach the upper echelon of Egg, Inc.'s leaderboards, you'll need to prestige a couple times over to really scale things up.

When you prestige, your farm starts over from scratch, but you gain Soul Eggs, which give you a 10% boost to your income. The farther along down the egg research path you are, the more Soul Eggs you'll be offered to prestige. A good strategy is to wait to prestige until the game offers you 50 or more Soul Eggs to do so. That equates to a clean 5000% bonus on your income when you restart, which will help you boost your farm's value right quick after restarting.

After your first prestige, it's advantageous to wait to prestige until you're able to double your number of eggs. If you spend your Golden Eggs on Soul Food in the epic upgrades tab, you'll make each Soul Egg even more powerful and make each prestige that much more lucrative.

Paying for the premium app

Are you really enjoying Egg, Inc.? You should consider supporting the developers by upgrading and cracking open your piggy bank.

The longer you've been playing the game, the more Golden Eggs will be in your piggy bank. There are always in-app purchases available for more Golden Eggs, but the piggy bank is definitely your best value — and only continues to scale up as you play. A huge bounty of Golden Eggs can pay for a LOT of epic upgrades, which are permanent and stick around after you prestige. One particular epic upgrade to focus on with your Golden Egg bank is Soul Food and Prestige Bonus, which increases bonus per Soul Egg and the number of Soul Eggs you get when you prestige. Quickly hitting up those epic upgrades will make each prestige painless.

What are your best strategies?

Have you been sucked into Egg, Inc.? What are your best tips for expanding your farm? Let us know in the comments!

Download: Egg, Inc. (Free)

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