These are the most anticipated Oculus Quest games in 2020

Oculus Quest library
Oculus Quest library (Image credit: Android Central)

2020 looks to be a big year for the Oculus Quest. In addition to the evolution of features like hand tracking and Oculus Link, several big-name titles will come out this year. Some popular titles from other platforms are on their way to the Oculus Quest, such as Onward. Additionally, Half Life: Alyx might be the first title to entice people to use the Oculus Link feature alongside a gaming PC. Here are the five games we're most excited about for the Oculus Quest in 2020.

Phantom: Covert Ops

This stealth game has you play as an elite stealth operative. You try to infiltrate a flooded base within a camouflaged kayak. The developers of Phantom: Covert Ops highlight how the kayak utilizes the Oculus Quest's controls. Rather than teleporting or using a joystick to navigate, you move the system's Touch Controllers to paddle through the flooded waters.

In the game, you can use different weapons and equipment to handle missions in a personalized way. It has a sniper rifle, machine gun, pistol, and other weapons to allow you to pick the best way to complete a mission.

nDreams focused heavily on being able to interact with elements of the game, so you feel more immersed in the game.

The game rewards you for different play styles, which increases the title's replayability.

Eclipse: Edge of Light

This game has a solid reputation thanks to its several awards. UploadVR crowned it one of the best games to ever grace Google's Daydream platform. Now, it's on its way to the Oculus Quest.

The game begins with you on a colorful and beautiful sentient planet following a crash. In it, you use a powerful relic called the Artifact to interact with ancient technology on the planet.

It's a visually striking game that people will enjoy on the Oculus Quest for its looks and gameplay. White Elk, the team behind the game, highlights that it has three hours of gameplay. It also supports full locomotion, so you don't have to teleport around the world.

Echo VR

This game places you inside a zero-gravity area to play a game similar to ultimate frisbee. You can bounce the digital disc off walls, punch your opponents, and work with teammates to score goals. It's immersive, futuristic, and looks like a title that could take off on the esports scene.

Echo VR is already on the Oculus Rift, but the wireless nature of the Oculus Quest lends itself perfectly to this title. Since it supports co-op gameplay, it's also a great way to play with other people.


Onward is a popular shooting game on Steam, and now it's on its way to VR. It's a strategic military shooter that allows you to work alongside teammates in combat. It has clever features, including constrained respawns, that help make the game unique and competitive.

It has two offline modes, but the main draw for many is the four online modes. It has detailed maps and several guns to create a varied feel for gameplay.

As with many shooting titles, Onward should benefit significantly from the untethered nature of the Oculus Quest. We're still waiting on more details about Onward, but Dante Buckley from Downpour Interactive announced that it's on the way for the Oculus Quest.

Half Life: Alyx is probably the highest anticipated VR title of the year. It's not going to run directly on the Oculus Quest but will work through Oculus Link. This requires you to have a gaming PC capable of powering Half Life: Alyx. You'll then be able to connect your Oculus Quest to your PC and play away.

Half Life: Alyx is the next game in the popular Half Life series. People didn't expect the next Half Life game to be a VR-exclusive title, but Valve built the game from the ground up for VR headsets. Half Life: Alyx is a midquel, set between the events of Half Life and Half Life 2.

The game features a full-length campaign, according to Valve, and brings many elements from the previous Half Life games that people will love, or be terrified of. In this case, those could be the same thing. The game comes out on March 23, 2020.

An exciting year

The Oculus Quest already has several entertaining and immersive titles, but 2020 looks to take that library of games to a new level. Half Life: Alyx could be one of the biggest launches of the year, and it will be playable on the Oculus Quest through Oculus Link and a gaming PC. Echo VR looks like a blast and should be incredibly immersive on the untethered Oculus Quest.

Many of these games focus on immersing you into games with improved movement mechanics. They also represent a shift towards bigger name titles from publishers recognized in and out of the VR space.

Sean Endicott