Tame your home screen with a dragon wallpaper

Dragons can command the elements to shoot fire or ice. Their bodies are living tanks, often able to withstand swords and even heavy artillery. Dragons are terrifying, and maybe that's why we're so drawn to their legends. Dragons have been a part of our mythology for centuries, and our infatuation may ebb and wax with the times, but they never vanish from our imaginations and our hearts. With these wallpapers, you can keep that spark of dragons' fire alive on your home screen.

Shenlong the rainbringer

Not all dragons breathe fire. Not all dragons are massive flying tanks that rain hellfire over the civilians below. In eastern mythologies, there are many dragons that were considered benevolent, dragons that brought peace, prosperity, and most importantly, good weather. Rain-bringing dragons like Shenlong were worshipped and respected because if their blessings soured, droughts or storms would destroy their crops.

It also reminds me of a certain benevolent dragon from my youth...

Shenlong the rainbringer by VampirePrincess007

Trick or treat!

Dragons can be more than bold and daunting. They can be stealthy. They can be peppy. They can be adorable. Toothless is a reminder that dragons can be both lethal weapons and completely cute goofballs. Tell the truth, if you could take a dragon trick-or-treating, you would. No one would dare skimp on the candy staring down that obsidian muzzle.

Also, Toothless is the best Umbreon. And that includes actual Umbreons.

A Very HTTYD Halloween by TsaoShin

Call me cute. I swear.

This dragon is not cute. This dragon's gonna kill you and your whole village because you decided to climb the mountain and violate his sacred territory. Those crimson scales may shine in fire and sunlight, but the shine best when draped in the blood of its enemies. Feel that aggression and power in the wallpaper, and try to steal some of it for yourself as you fight your way through the chaos of our lives.

Red Dragon by LhuvIk

Summon me if you dare

Not all dragons are terrifying warriors. Some dragons are benevolent, and some dragons are even helpful. This dragon, in all honesty, isn't a dragon. This is Shenron (or Shenlong, depending on your translation), and really, Shenron's less of a dragon and more of a genie. If you get together the seven Dragon Balls, you can summon Shenron and make one wish. Yeah, this emerald wish-granter looks terrifying, and has a breath-taking temper, but he doesn't fight.

If you ever manage to gather the Dragon Balls and summon this beautiful serpentine behemoth, make your wish quickly, and make your wish awesome.

shenron or shenlong? by Caikitty

I'm getting Fantasia 2000 vibes here

Many dragons are guardians rather than attackers, and earth dragons like this mossy beauty choose to use their power to guard the natural world from which they draw their power. Let the fire dragons and the lightning dragons bring chaos and destruction to world, we'd rather savor the peace and tranquility of the forest.

Guardian of Earth by JemLeigh

I want a maid who can do magic!

There's a lot of dragons in anime, but none of them are quite this cute in a maid outfit. Tohru is a huge, green, dragon that decides to repay the human that saved her by becoming her maid. Miss Kobayshi's Dragon Maid is a fan-service anime, filled with ridiculous antics, adorable sidekicks, and slice-of-life butting heads with the supernatural. In short, it's freaking amazing, and I want another season.

Also, this show has made me want a kotatsu more than anything in 15 years of watching anime. All hail the heated blanket table!

Tohru | Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Minimalis by Lucifer012

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