Tales From the Galaxy's Edge trailer wields The Force and a release date

Star Wars Tales From Galazy S Edge 3931d8id Tall
Star Wars Tales From Galazy S Edge 3931d8id Tall (Image credit: Oculus Studios)

What you need to know

  • Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge debuts on the Oculus Quest family on November 19.
  • More gameplay and story elements have been revealed in this full-length trailer, including new Force-wielding abilities we've not yet seen.
  • The trailer also showcases some impressive visuals that transport players to several different worlds through different characters.

Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge is coming exclusively to the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 on November 19. This, according to the first full-length trailer we've yet seen of the game, which you can find below. Tales from the Galaxy's Edge takes place on the planet Batuu and centers around Blackspire Outpost — a smuggler's haven where you'll take refuge after crash-landing on the planet. While exploring the outpost, you'll find bartender Seezelslak inside the cantina; an Azumel who is all too willing to share every harrowing story he's ever heard.

Gameplay-wise, it starts out running through a few details we've already heard about but not yet seen. Throwing darts and playing music at the cantina are a few distractions to take part in between adventures and story-telling, while the meat of the trailer focuses on living out Seezelslak's stories. Through these stories, you'll play as various characters wielding different abilities. Some characters might be better with a blaster, while the encounters with Yoda and subsequent Lightsaber action suggest that you'll be playing as at least one Force user throughout the campaign.

We've learned that the story will be told in parts, similar to how Vader Immortal was. Part one focuses on the main player character; a droid repair technician who will be piecing droids together to make ends meet. Further story elements are a bit more secluded at this point, but the trailer certainly gives us hints at what's to be expected. Oculus Studios says to expect Part II some time in early 2021.

The trailer also showcases visuals that are quite impressive for an Oculus Quest title, and the developers said that the game would run enhanced visuals on an Oculus Quest 2. It's likely what we're seeing in this trailer is running on a Quest 2, though. Animations, particularly Seezelslak's jaunting from one end of the bar to the other, are quite realistic looking.

Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge is developed by the same team that put last year's excellent Vader Immortal trilogy together and aims to cover an even wider scope than that game, both in terms of gameplay variety and story depth. While players will have access to Blackspire Outpost and some of the wilds of Batuu, Seezelslak's stories will transport them to faraway lands to experience other settings, including meetings with C-3PO and Yoda. Both C-3PO and Yoda are voiced by the original actors and are sure to lend significant authenticity to the experience.

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