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T-Mobile Motorola Cliq owners having problems with latest update

So that maintenance update that's been rolling out for the Motorola Cliq on T-Mobile? Stay away. Stay far away. Basically it borks the phone pretty good, from keyboard issues to text message issues to time issues to causing your face to break out in hives. (OK, we made that last one up.) In other words, if you haven't installed the update, don't. And if you have installed the update, for frak's sake don't hard-reset your phone. Here's the official word from T-Mobile.

Thanks everyone for informing us on what the latest Motorola Cliq OTA update has brought to light. We want to let everyone know that we have been reading your comments, and we hear you. We have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate people and are working hard on them.As of now, we advise you not to Master Reset your phone if your OTA update did not download or if you are experiencing issues at this time. ‘Thank you for using the T-Mobile forums and we will keep you updated as we gather more information.

In other words: DO. NOT. WANT. [T-Mobile forums via Android and Me]

  • I love being the redheaded stepuser of the Android community. #CLIQFTL
  • you have no one to blame but yourself. there were alternatives on tmo but you chose to go with motorolas 1st foray into android and with their shiny happy motoblur abomination thrown in for good measure. that was a recipe for disaster from day 1. my son took that plunge too and has had nothing but issues with the cliq. he finally smartened up and got a nexus one.
  • I got the update and have not had any problems with it.
    It's been pretty solid for me so far (the phone as a whole)
    maybe I just got lucky.
  • I have to second the 3rd posters comment... I ran the update, the phone reset and has been working absolutely fine since then. No issues that I can tell what so ever. I might be lucky, but as far as I am concerned the update worked fine and the phone is functioning perfectly. As far as the comments by "DanielthePoet" go... all I can say is that I did a great deal of research prior to jumping into the Android pool after 10 years of using RIM (Blackberry) devises as well as the Android devises T-Mobile had for sale when I purchased the CLIQ. First of all, T-Mobile, up to today, has only a couple of choices as far as Andriod devises go. The Samsung Behold II had more complaints then I can count from various forum participants. Even my T-Mobile Sales Rep (which I have been working with for 5 years) discouraged me from going with the Samsung devise. The myTouch 3G had only a virtual keyboard... not what I was looking for. And, I didn't like the fit and finish of the myTouch.. it seemed cheap. And again, I have read pleanty of complaints about that HTC devise as well. The CLIQ was the only reasonable alternative I had... and that was about 4 weeks ago. I personally like the fit, finish and heft of the CLIQ. It is the most solid "slider" I have personally seen on the market to date. The screen quality and resolution are fantastic, so no complaints there. As far as the OS is concerned, it will be getting 2.1 soon enough, so no issues with that. Overall, I am very pleased with the devise and how it is performing. Frankly, it is 1000% better then my Blackberry 8900 running OS 5.0. In terms of the Nexus One, you need to read a little deeper into some of the forums. Their are plenty of complaints about that unit... especially the screen The Nexus One is not the "end all and be all" of Android devises. Yes, the CLIQ will shortly be outdated, as will the Nexus One, but who cares. When I am ready to upgrade again with T-Moible (in 11 months) they will have a whole new generation of Android devises. For now the CLIQ is perfectly fine and working as anticipated. By-the-way, in my opinion, anyone that pays full price for the Nexus One has got a screw loose. No phone is worth that much.. even the Sony phones (which are so overpriced it isn't even worth discussing!).
  • Psst wezra it's 'device' :) And yes S/E phones are WAY overpriced. But that new Xperia looks sexy. And I hear ya with the Blackberry OS. Those phones run like champs but that OS is so ugly and outdated. It's like the world is rockin Mac OS X or Windows 7 and you're still screwing around with Windows 95. They need a serious overhaul. Still having the bluetooth issues. Aside from that, a plethora of bugs I was running into are now fixed. WiFi is golden, I can actually log into Facebook on the browser, my Jawbone kinda works, on-screen keyboard is happier. Guess I got lucky with the update too. Still - considering how many issues people are having - you have to think this will hold back their 2.1 update even further. And being as I only keep phones for a few months at a time, I'll probably be switching before that happens. If it ever does.
  • Sorry for the misspellings… I am going through cataract surgery and having a horrible time using the computer right now… one eye fixed the other to be fixed very shortly. So I am squinting trying to focus and it is hard even using the keyboard. Oh well, that will go away in a week or so. Anyway… I totally agree that S/E phones are really nice but the prices are just outrageous. As far as RIM goes, well, they have their heads in the sand and refuse to understand that everyone else has passed them by in terms of end user experience. Your analogy was right on. Everyone else has jumped well over where RIM is and their band-aid fixes and renaming OS 4.6 to 5.0 is a total joke. RIMs problem is that instead of fixing and rebuilding their OS they concentrated on bringing out new devices… one after the other. Granted, they needed a device with a high res screen, no question. So instead of rushing the 9000 Bold to market 2 years ago they should have taken their time and developed a totally new OS for it and a higher quality piece of hardware. As for the Storm touch screen… that thing is a total joke and should be yanked off the market all together. Glad to hear the majority of issues are solved for you with the new CLIQ update. I suspect I have some minor issues that I am either not aware of or just not big enough to notice. But so far I am really enjoying the CLIQ and very pleased I picked it up. As far as quality of the device goes... it is one of the best phones I have ever owned.
  • i guess i got the 'bad' update. for me, i'm getting far too many force closes on apps that used to work okay pre-update. also, i'm finding that the sensitivity of the touch screen seems to have changed on the top when i try to use the swipe down motion to pull up new emails, etc. i have to either push harder or attempt multiple times. the middle of the screen, however, seems to work okay when i use the onscreen keyboard, etc.
  • Is anyone having problems with zxcvbnm buttons? Mine seem to not light up at all I even checked it in the dark and they don't light up what so ever... I think it has something to do with that recent update we had. It's annouying to see that it happening to my phone and I just got this not even a month ago...
  • Okay so i got the cliq for christmas and its bee working great, until yesterday. The keyboard wont work and i cant use the touchscreen unless its slid down so im stuck using touchscreen keyboard and cant slid it up or it will mess up. Anyone know what i can do to fix it?