T-Mobile Charm cases

Protecting your Charm

If you're looking to protect your Charm -- and you really should -- there is a plethora of cases, skins, holsters, bags and pouches for the smartphone. They give you smartphone ample protection while still allowing for quick access keeping with the overall design of the phone.

Charm holsters

Evo 4G holster

Evo 4G holsters usually clip to the belt and can offer more robust protection than a skin or pouch. They may be more rigid and noticeable than other cases, but they keep your Evo 4G at the ready and protected at the same time.

Charm side cases

Evo 4G side cases

Side cases for the Charm can keep your phone completely covered up, giving you maximum protection. They can also include separate pouches for storing memory cards and may feature zippered closures.

 Charm Hard cases

Evo 4G hard cases

An Evo 4G hard case is consistent with the shape of the phone but provides a strong layer of protection. It covers the phone's shell while allowing access to the buttons, camera, and headphone jack of the Charm.

Charm bags

Evo 4G golla bag

Golla bags bring stylish protection to your Charm. They're available in a number of colors and designs, are made of a durable but soft material, and have a removable clip that fits to your belt or purse strap.

Charm weather-resistant cases

Evo 4G weather-resistant cases

Weather-resistant cases for your Charm can help keep out the occasional sprinkling -- or accidental dunking if you're lounging poolside.

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