SwiftKey apparently makes the leap from Android to BlackBerry PlayBook

So our pals at CrackBerry have been killing it with their BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 coverage. Killing it. But in keeping an eye on it -- remember that part of BB's MO now is to just use Android applications -- something looked strangely familiar. 

See, the third-party Android keyboard I use loves to mock me by suggesting "Collins" every time I type my name. Phil Collins. Har. Only, the PlayBook does that, too. Odd. Either somebody has a strange sense of humor (and/or is stalking me), or perhaps that keyboard has leapt from Android to BlackBerry.

That keyboard is SwiftKey.

A couple more pieces of evidence:

Read Write Web in its write-up of PB 2.0 mentions a "SwiftKey-like auto correctoin and predictive word completion." Not just suggestions and auto-correct, but "SwiftKey-like." Maybe they're just fans of the Android keyboard, though.

But then there's this: In the course of writing an e-mail, we typed the name "Ben." What was suggested? Franklin? Roethlisberger? Vareen? Nope. Medlock. Not-so-coincidently, Ben Medlock is Swiftkey's chief technical officer, whom we've met before on the Android side of things.

Dammit, RIM. Is there nothing from Android you won't take?

Source: CrackBerry

Phil Nickinson