Android gamers now have one more title to claim as their own, and one fewer that their iOS counterparts can't lord over them. That's right, Super Mario Run is now available on Android, three months after it debuted on the iPhone.

The game is actually considerably newer than the version that debuted three months ago, since it includes all the updates and bug fixes, plus a bunch of small improvements that have culminated in version 2.0. But the core mechanics are still the same: users control an auto-running Mario, tapping on the screen to make him jump over crevices, onto enemies, and shimmy up walls.

While the first four stages are free (three if you don't count the introductory tutorial course), the full game costs $9.99, which caused a fair amount of consternation in the gaming community when it debuted last year. But there's a lot more to the game than just the six worlds to complete; there are playable characters like Peach, Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette; and there's also the competitive Toad Rally, which pins your Mario against people around the world for style and points.

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Finally, Kingdom Builder adds a bit of an RPG element to Super Mario Run, allowing you to customize the look and feel of Mario and the buildings he inhabits.

Do you plan to download and pay for Super Mario Run? Let us know in the comments!

Download: Super Mario Run (free w/ IAP)