Super Mario Run is finally available on Android, and it's worth buying

Android gamers now have one more title to claim as their own, and one fewer that their iOS counterparts can't lord over them. That's right, Super Mario Run is now available on Android, three months after it debuted on the iPhone.

The game is actually considerably newer than the version that debuted three months ago, since it includes all the updates and bug fixes, plus a bunch of small improvements that have culminated in version 2.0. But the core mechanics are still the same: users control an auto-running Mario, tapping on the screen to make him jump over crevices, onto enemies, and shimmy up walls.

While the first four stages are free (three if you don't count the introductory tutorial course), the full game costs $9.99, which caused a fair amount of consternation in the gaming community when it debuted last year. But there's a lot more to the game than just the six worlds to complete; there are playable characters like Peach, Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette; and there's also the competitive Toad Rally, which pins your Mario against people around the world for style and points.

Finally, Kingdom Builder adds a bit of an RPG element to Super Mario Run, allowing you to customize the look and feel of Mario and the buildings he inhabits.

Do you plan to download and pay for Super Mario Run? Let us know in the comments!

Download: Super Mario Run (free w/ IAP) (opens in new tab)

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Absolutely not worth buying or even installing.
  • Agree
  • Double agreed. Rubbish.
  • Triple agreed! Garbage!!
  • Quadruple agreed. Mediocre game. It might've been better if it actually was an actual Mario game.
  • Or not $10... I might pay $0.99 for the novelty of a Mario running game, just because it's Mario and to support Nintendo. This is craziness.
  • Totally agree. Please do not waste any money on this game.
  • I downloaded it and installed it but i couldn't play because of an error about the time on my phone is not the correct one, why would Nintendo want the time on my phone to be accurate in order for a game to play?? Pure garbage.
  • So after I saw this article, I went to the Google Play Store to download the game only to read, "A new kind of Mario game that you can play with one hand." And here I thought Nintendo games catered to all ages... :P
  • Oh, but it does! : D
  • Early review of super Mario run... "run, run, run, jump. I can be a backpack while you run. Run, run, run, jump, now STOP! Put me down."
  • But will he escape from the seagulls?
  • One day... When you are older! You could get hit by a boulder!
  • Eh, even as a big Mario fan, I don't think it's worth buying. Unlocking the characters is tedious and Toad Rally amounts to just replaying the same levels over and over again. It doesn't really feel like a race since you aren't actually controlling Mario's running. Sure, you can see the other person's ghost, but it's basically just fluff. There's no sense of competition. I respect that they tried to go the premium route, but I don't think they did it very well.
  • I hope the Android users will have the same ten minutes of interest for the game like I did on my iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Yeah, sad to say ten minutes is about how long it held my interest. Back to Breath of the Wild!
  • One dollar per minute, yikes!
  • Still cheaper than a lap dance lol
  • But a lot less fun.
  • And no happy ending either
  • Only played the free part, and didn't finish that. All it cost was time.
  • Didn't even install it. Not worth wasting my breath
  • Actually less. We already waited through 3 months of iOS users tearing the game apart. Right now it makes no sense trying it out.
  • Am not a fan of these endless runner games, even if this does have polished Nintendo graphics.
    I hope Nintendo will come out with more original games for mobile!
  • Like a real Pokemon game. Just re-release the original red and blue on the phone with online battling. I'll play the crap out of it.
  • I'm sure everyone will play the crap out of it. Let's hope it happens.
  • Yeah not even remotely tempted to pay a tenner for this at all.
  • Not terrible but I like the run sackboy run game better
  • Android is an afterthought for them. How long ago was this released for iOS?
  • Definitely NOT an afterthought. That means that they made an iOS game then one day thought, " maybe Android as well". They thought that making money on iOS before having it pirated on Android was the way to go. I can hardly blame them. Edit: it is already on APK mirror. A company should try to make money first.
  • So if it's pirated on Android they can't sell it on iOS?
  • I think you know that is not the point. A business should try to maximize sales and if the game was released on both at the same time, people with an Android and iOS devices might simply pirate it. It has nothing to do with Android being an "afterthought" as you espouse.
  • Nvm
  • People with just iOS devices might simply pirate the game without the need of an Android device. Pirates won't pay even if they have to wait 3 months.
  • So it's on APK Mirror, so what? Has no monetary effect on Nintendo if their free downloadable app is on APK Mirror where other free downloadable apps coexist that are basically the same APK's as their Play Store counterpart
  • This is from the game maker, when asked why it was on iOS and not Android... "When asked whether security means risk of piracy, the game makers said that’s exactly the case." Nintendo was worried about piracy and loss of income. That is the point. It does not matter whether or not they lose money or not if the decision making is based on them thinking they will. I am not giving MY point of view, I am giving the reasons that Nintendo gave for the game being on iOS first.
  • This doesn't mean that the dev has a clue about Android. They could have delivered the game as is at the same time as ios
  • If somebody is going to pirate then they will pirate no matter what platform they use. With today's mobile monetization model, an apk file being available elsewhere is no issue.
  • You are so helpful. Happy you were able to get away from collecting carts for a moment to post.
  • Did anybody even bother to think that this was Apple's doing. This game was first mentioned on iphone 7 announcement day during apple presentation. Apple wouldn't do that if Nintendo released the game together for both platforms. They would want exclusivity.
  • The reasons justifying the cost are, in fact, reasons why you shouldn't pay for it.
  • Anyone seen thatguy comment as of late? He's been awol
  • If I recall correctly, thatguy97 was told to leave. That's what an editor said.
  • I wish they had made a proper Mario game instead.
  • I played it some when it first hit, played it more now. I just don't think it's for me, it is clearly a well designed game, I just don't find it very compelling.
  • Downloaded, played, uninstalled. Actually think they should give me money for the time I wasted.
  • It reminded me a little bit of a dumbed down Rayman game with a Mario skin. Not saying I don't like the game, but I have no plans on paying $10 to unlock it.
  • Odd, wonder why it's available for the Nexus 6P, even the Nexus 7 2013, but not the 5X? Installed it on the first two to check it out. IAP sucks though.
  • The IAP is just to unlock all the levels, apart from that, no cash grab $99 cr@p
  • I'd buy this if the game purchase wasn't buried as an IAP so that I can't share it across my family library.
  • Trash
  • 3 months after iOS..... , "uh... Oh yeah here you go Android people" lol yeah *** you Nintendo and your Mario game.
  • Played the first three levels. It's junk. Definitely not worth $10.
  • I played it on iOS and thought it was great. Since when was $10 for hours of entertainment a bad deal?
  • When you can get a lot more entertainment from the same $10
  • I don't know, but when you have Bully, GTA Liberty City Stories, Vice City, III, Chinatown, and San Andreas in the same market place, at a cheaper price at that, it's hard to come by, especially when it's not a Mario game that everyone is fond of instead of an endless runner
  • I loved GTA L/VCS and Chinatown Wars when I still had a working PSP.
    I re-played San Andreas SIX times; Vice City and III at least three.
    I had fun with Bully then I was able to get a legal copy on my PC. But I absolutely HATED playing all of them on my Galaxy Note 3. Or my Xperia Z5 Premium. They are very much NOT MADE FOR TOUCHSCREEN GAMING. Playing GTA or ports on a touchscreen with touchscreen controls is like wearing Dr. Martens Boots when you're in a Ballet troupe and you're partners with Misty Copeland. That's going to end in tears. Also, it didn't help that Rockstar gutted the soundtracks, especially evident in Vice City and San Andreas (In VC for mobile, EVERY Michael Jackson song is absent, and those were the highlights of the original VC soundtrack!) Mobile gaming should be fun and easy to use when you're waiting to get off the subway, not to replace your PC or console. It should be light-hearted and fun, yet innovative and new. Like Monument Valley, or Leo's Fortune, or Limbo, or QuizUp, or Super Phantom Cat. It should not be a shoehorn of past greatness with clumsy, unintuitive controls or gimped and gutted memories or nostalgia, or try to fake its way to being "console-or-PC-like," because that's not how it works. But I concede the value proposition of SMR is laughable as you pointed out here.
  • Nintendo should have charged like $4.99 for it, instead of making it free to play with an IAP, they would have made much more money cause more people would have bought it because of the lower price, $10 (or $14 in Canada) is a lot to ask for an endless runner.
  • Ikr, this is 4.99 at best and 2.99 ideally. You just can't price an endless runner on the same realm as SE's full-blown rpgs even with the novelty of Mario. 9.99 is a different story if this was a Pokemon game.
  • Exactly, especially since Super Mario Run requires a constant internet connection.
  • Also let's not forget that just like the iOS version, the Android version of Super Mario Run requires a constant I connection, it won't work offline
  • Wow, amazing what hype sounds like compared to reality. What a pile of crap. I wouldn't pay more than $1.99 for this ****. I think they'd make more $$ if they just went the 0.99 to $1.99 route rather than soak customers for a solid $10...ouch.
  • The hype train's already left.
  • Sideloaded and running just fine on my shield tablet. I never understood why some companies arbitrarily keep apps off certain devices. It just promotes piracy.
  • My guess is that for countries, they want to translate the app first, and for devices, they want to be sure it works well on them and try on specific ones first .
  • That's weird. I was able to install the game from the app store on my shield tablet.
    I also don't think companies want to intentionally alienate a specific device and not support it. If it did not work on the shield, I would not have been surprised at all, because it uses a far less mainstream CPU and GPU. It cost money and time to make a game capable of running on as many possible Android devices.
  • I really don't understand all the negativity surrounding this game. I agree that the $10 price tag is a bit too high ($5 or $6 would have been more appropriate), but I actually commend Nintendo for not taking the 'freemium' approach that has become standard in recent years. It helps distinguish between quality and shovelware. And as far as gameplay goes, I think it's well designed and in fact, quite clever. It's not an endless runner. Similar to those types of games, Mario does run automatically, but the game is divided into levels with a goal to reach at the end - flagpole and all just like a traditional Mario title. The levels have different paths to take in addition to collectables that promote replayability. Plus, other characters can be unlocked who actually play a bit differently than Mario. The closest comparison would be the excellent Rayman games. I used to play games on my phone a lot more years ago, but ever since the Play Store became congested with all the free-to-play, endless grind garbage, I just lost all interest. I also grew to realize that while I'm out during the day battery is limited and I don't have much time to play, so to have a quality game like this that can be played in short bursts during downtime and help tie me over until I can get back to my PS4 is really refreshing. If I didn't have $4 in Play credit expiring soon, I would probably wait for a sale, but even at $10, it's a lot less than a console game while still being an authentic Nintendo title that maintains their high standards. Offline play would be nice though...
  • The negativity is mostly about the price. Secondly, that the game is basically the same as Rayman Jungle Run but with a Mario paint job. And they ask $10 like it was a Final Fantasy game.
  • You are the first person in this long thread of a-holes to be positive about the game and not sound like rambling lunatics. The price is obviously the most controversial point, but there's an astounding amount of misinformation and ignorance about the price and the "one-button" controls. Nintendo announced the price, the control style, and (though not announced by Nintendo, but reported as so) Apple reserved exclusivity of the game with money, and probably lots of it. This was all information that was provided months before the game was released on IOS, yet we still have people crying foul over these specific points. Another topic that was covered nearly a year ago was that Nintendo specifically said they would not port any of their titles (they would only make original mobile titles) and did not want any of them to be played with a controller. Everyone has a right to their opinion about any app, but damn, these people make it sound like the Nintendo mob just kicked in your door and, well, you get the point. I'm going back to playing a decent game that I happily spent $10 (capped, by the way) on for more levels and more replay value. Nobody is pointing out that you can replay the levels multiple times to collect the other colored coins and use them to buy items within the game that don't cost real money.
  • They definitely lost sales, thus money, on it (even with Apple paying them for exclusivity to start), because of all of the complaints on iOS. I imagine far fewer people are going to buy it on Android, due to the negative reviews on iOS. If they did both right out of the gate, it may still have sucked, but they would've gotten more impulse/first day buys out of Android users.
    And the price is in line with everything else Nintendo: too high for what it is. Don't get me wrong, I love Mario Bros, but Nintendo has been using him as a crutch for years, trying to justify their overpriced hardware and games. I hesitantly just bought my son a 3DS XL for his birthday, and that thing was $200! And they never price drop old games. Even some Wii games are still $50!
    i would've bought a Wii U, but they discontinued it months ago, for them to "get ready" for the Switch. "Get ready" is in quotes, because I wouldn't call short supplies, less than a dozen launch titles, and no Virtual Console games, being "ready" for release of a console that you're trying to save your company with. They need to either build serious consoles like Xbox and PS4, skip all the "unique" crap, or just become a third party dev for MS and Sony. I have a feeling they're still burning through cash they made selling everyone in the country a Wii, but they'll run out sooner or later.
  • Wouldn't download it if they offered to pay me to install it. Garbage app.
  • Downloaded it and it's really laggy on my S7
  • I have no issues on mine. Runs smooth as butter on a frying pan.
  • Smooth in my S7e for the whole 5 min I played it.
  • Fun? Yeah. Worth 10 bucks? Don't think so. 10 bucks only gets you 15 'courses' that you can play through in 15 to 20 seconds and 5 'castles'. That's 5 minutes of main course gameplay. FIVE MINUTES. For 10 bucks?
  • It doesn't even matter if it's worth buying: Nintendo botched the iOS launch with something resembling cobbling combined with aggressive greed, and even that price-gullible crowd wouldn't bite. Now, rather than riding that wave and building on it, there's no real excitement left. There's no wave. And now, Nintendo expects to treat us (Android users) like second class citizens with a months-later port of the same c#@p, with the same price model, and thinks it'll take off any better? Yeah - good luck with that.
  • No it's really not worth buying at all.
  • Here is my problem. For my family of 4 to be able to all enjoy this game fully, it would cost 40 fn dollars! The game doesn't work with family library so if we all wanted to play it, it would be $40. No. Fn. Way. Ever. Nintendo can die.
  • It's a sad adaptation of a timeless classic. Plus we had to wait way too long to even play it on Android even though it is the most popular mobile OS.
  • Rayman >>>>
  • Game is ok should be 50 cents.
  • Come on ! "it's worth buying" ? Come on !!! Who pays you to write that stuff ? "Kingdom Builder adds a bit of an RPG element to Super Mario Run, allowing you to customize the look and feel of Mario and the buildings he inhabits."
    Come ooooooooon (bis) !! RPG ? Really ?
  • Didn't keep up with reviews for SMR on iOS cuz I didn't care if I couldn't have it...downloaded and dropped the dime IAP for all the courses 3/22. I came to android central to get some strategy tips cuz i (almost) feel like the money wasn't worth it, but it's-a Mario and I grew up with and love this dude to death! But ya'll going ham about the price and I'm just trying to enjoy it. I wish it was slowed down (I haven't played any levels on Easy Mode yet, don't know if my rewards will be stifled if I do so I don't) and its SO hard to remember Mario is gonna automatically vault over lower-level enemies. My initial sadness was losing a couple toads after I lost my first toad rally (which WAS my favorite part of the game at first-cuz I thought I'd have limited rally tickets but then I'm getting em all the time! Yay!!) The 'building' of the kingdom is pretty cool, pointless except for the bonus houses and anything that spits coins at me, but cute as heck watching the Toads kick it 'round town. The (3 levels of) 5 colored coins makes this SUPER replayable and mad challenging (again cuz as an old lady @29 I feel like the game's too fast LOL)
    My current strategy attempts will be to play courses with Mario and then with Blue Yoshi (who I broke my neck getting cuz ya'll are right it's so hard to unlock other folks) and also manipulate the opponent (and mostly course) options on Toad Rally by checking in between course runs to see what I can do. Wish me luck!