Street Art Watch Faces bring a different aesthetic to Android Wear

If you've ever spent much time in a city, you've probably seen murals or other street art that breaks up the monotony of building after building. In cities all over the world, artists turn brick and mortar walls into works of art. With that in mind the Google Art Project has given us the Street Art Watch Face for Android Wear.

The Street Art Watch Face revolves around the pieces of art developed by a variety of artists. The watch face moves from one piece to the next at the beginning of the hour. While the app isn't filled with tons of options, you can see the care that was put into what is available. The colors of the actual time display stand out from the artwork, without taking away from each individual piece.

Street Art Watch Face options

There are three distinct ways to display the time on your Smartwatch. The default is to have an analog display, clean and easy to read with a hour, minute, and second hand on the clock. The digital display gives you bold numbers at the bottom of your screen. Your third choice is a minimal display. You get a simple circle for your clock, with two beads to display the hour and minute. It might take an extra moment to decipher the time, but it's definitely minimal enough that you can easily enjoy the artwork.

The option to display the date is defaulted to on, and it appears as nothing more than number. Depending on which time display you choose it will appear near either the center of your screen, or over to the right. You can also easily turn off the date by opening up the app on your phone. When your screen switches over to the next artist, you'll get a peek card with info about the face the next time you look down. These cards will give you the name of the artist, and the name of the artwork. It isn't much, and can easily be swiped away, but it's nice to see the artist info displayed so easily for each individual piece.

Street Art Watch Face peek cards

Unfortunately at this time you can't change the watch face, but considering that each one is only around for 30 minutes at a clip, this isn't a huge deal. There are over a dozen different faces for you to check out, so disallowing you to choose between them might be a bid to make sure you see each one. Available now for free in the Google Play Store

With its gorgeous artwork at the center of the Street Art Watch Faces, you should definitely be taking a look. It doesn't have tons of options, but it does have the ones you need to be able to clearly read the time while admiring each piece. Even better, the app is 100% free.

Jen Karner

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