Strava announces Local Legends, a new way to compete in segments

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What you need to know

  • There's a brand new way to compete in Strava.
  • Local Legends is a new feature that measures the number of efforts a person makes on a segment.
  • Regularity and persistence are the keys to staying on top!

Strava is today announcing a brand feature called Local Legends, which measures consistency and commitment to a segment, rather than speed.

Ll Detail

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The feature is a new, inclusive way for Strava subscribers to compete on local segments, focusing on consistency and commitment, rather than an athlete's speed. To become a Local Legend, you need to record the most number of efforts on a segment over the course of a 90-day rolling period. So rather than being rewarded for the fastest time, you'll be rewarded for cycling or running the same route regularly. The Local Legend for a particular segment gets a "Laurel Crown" reward and will remain the Local Legend until someone else records more segment efforts.

Free Experience

Source: Strava (Image credit: Source: Strava)

The efforts are measured in a 90-day rolling window, so at any time the leaderboard will show the most efforts in the last 90 days. This is to keep the model inclusive and gives people more opportunity to stay competitive. The leaderboard for Local Legends is a bit different from the standard Strava leaderboard, showing athletes where their number of efforts falls compared to the Local Legend on a histogram, essentially showing you how many more efforts you need to catch the leader.


Source: Strava (Image credit: Source: Strava)

Your Local Legends achievements will be displayed on you and other athletes' activity feeds activity details page and the segment results section. With over 17 million segments on Strava, there are plenty of crowns up for grabs.

Local Legends is launching today in California and Colorado and is rolling out nationwide in the U.S. on July 15.

Stephen Warwick