Stay hippie-free this weekend by streaming Bonnaroo on YouTube

I love music. I love live music. I love listening to live music outdoors. For Bonnaroo, however, I'll make an exception. Something about camping in BFE, Tenn., that just doesn't seem like a fun time to me anymore. The good news is that just like Coachella, YouTube's got us covered. Starting this Friday at 2 p.m. EDT (11 a.m. PDT), you can hit up three days of rock and rap and funk without the sweat and sleeplessness and funk, all from the comfort of your computer, smartphone or even your Google TV. This, folks, is how us old people rock these days. All you have to do is hit up to get your groove on. We'll see you there.

Oh, and stay away from the brown acid.

Source: Youtube Blog

Phil Nickinson
  • Better than BFE Florida. ;)
  • I'll take BFE SoCal over both. But Bonnaroo is way too dusty and muddy. US Festival Baby! Even though it was put on by Apple way back when. Sony Jumbo Tron and the Apple tents were the tech back then. It was on Showtime or something too. So glad it's 2012.
  • Hopping in my car to drive down to Bonnaroo in about 30 minutes.
  • Phil.... BFE Tennessee is 1000x more awesome than BFE northwest Florida. Signed, Zach in nashville.
    Go Vols.
  • Zach, I couldn't agree more. I live 15 min from Bonnaroo, no BFE around here LOL. Signed, Jeff in McMinnville
    Go Vols
  • If I could make it there I would, just to see Phish!
  • they should have been streaming EDC in the middle of Las Vegas this weekend instead. better than BFE All of Your Areas
  • It's good to see some neighbors on AC. From Murfreesboro... Go Preds
  • Had to sell my wristbands. :(
  • Well at least some of the readership helps dispel the myth that tech people are "indoor kids" since the author didn't help much. Me, I had to take 5 showers after Summer Camp Music Festival but wouldn't have traded it for anything. Plan on doing the same at Electric Forest later this month!
  • I'm a dispatcher for the Tennessee Highway Patrol....and since Bonnaroo pulls extra Troopers from my area out to Manchester (thus lightening my workload).....I LOVE BONNAROO!!!!!