Star Wars #stormtrooper emoji invade Twitter

Sure, there's a newly expanded set of ethnically-diverse and more-useful emoji out there (and already integrated into iOS), but do they have stormtroopers or protocol droids? Didn't think so. Thankfully, Twitter does.

Today's bringing us not only the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer (the first landed way back in November 2014), but new exclusive-to-Twitter emoji for Star Wars. So here's what we've got:




(BB8 being the little soccer ball droid from the aforementioned teaser)

Twitter's "hashflag" feature was introduced back in June for the World Cup, letting users tweet out their support for their favorite team with an accompanying flag image. That it's expanding to include a marketing campaign like this for Star Wars isn't surprising, and we might protest a bit more if we weren't so excited for The Force Awakens.

Alas, #llap still won't get you a Spock emoji. And right now it only looks like you're able to view these emoji in the official Twitter app and on Twitter for the web.

Source: Twitter

Derek Kessler

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