Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake announced for PS5

Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Image
Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Image (Image credit: PlayStation)

What you need to know

  • During the PlayStation Showcase, a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake was announced.
  • It's being built for the PS5 and developed Aspyr, while being published by PlayStation.
  • There's no gameplay or release date right now.

Star Wars fans, rejoice. During the Sep. 2021 PlayStation Showcase, PlayStation and Aspyr announced a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It's being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and built for the PS5. The teaser shows the reveal of Darth Revan's iconic mask. There are few details right now but given how long the game has been requested, it could end up being one of the best PS5 games available.

You can check out the reveal trailer for the game in the video below, which repeats the iconic mantra from the original game:

According to PlayStation Blog, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake is a console launch exclusive on PS5, meaning it could come to other platforms later on.

Rumors have swirled for years that a remake would be developed but until now, nothing came to fruition. The original game was developed by BioWare and released back in 2003. The story and writing garnered it critical acclaim and commercial success, as players could customize their Jedi, while turning to the Dark Side or staying true to the Light.

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