Star Wars: Card Trader gets huge update with artwork from The Force Awakens

Star Wars: Card Trader lets you buy, sell and trade virtual trading cards based on the sci-fi movie franchise. The app is picking up an update that coincides with the launch of The Force Awakens, featuring a slew of content in the form of art and story cards that are based on scenes and characters from the movie.

Here's what's on offer with the latest update:

  • Fans get an exclusive, inside look into the creation of the film with early drafts and designs of characters and scenes before they were even physically created in the development process
  • 15 digital trading cards will be available on Friday (12/18) at 12:01 a.m. EST.
  • Two award cards in Smuggler's Den – Smuggler's Den is a feature inside the app where fans can trade in several cards for one extremely rare card. Upon collecting all 15 Concept Art cards within 24 hours, they will get an ultra-rare card from the Smuggler's Den in exchange for their 15 cards. If they can do it by Sunday (within 48 hours), they will receive a different rare card in exchange for their 15 cards.
  • First card available on Friday (12/18), with a consistent release of the series of over 30 cards
  • Each card will be released in the order of the story itself allowing the player to re-live the story of Force Awakens with real painted versions of scenes
  • The weapons in Star Wars are as vital to a character as their actions, outfits and quotes
  • This is the first armory series since Elegant Weapons, which was famous among the community for being one of the rarest and most sought after cards the app has ever seen
  • First card available on Friday (12/18), with a consistent release of over 10 cards in the series
  • Game Assets – Spotlight the new key artwork and icon featuring Force Awakens characters and artwork

Star Wars: Card Trader has in-app purchases for buying additional cards.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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