Sprint: Android Isn't Good Enough Yet

We at Android Central would think that if you're a carrier that is bleeding users, selling off bits and pieces in hopes of a major buyout, and just all around flailing around, that you would consider anything to help your company. Certainly you would consider the most buzzed about and anticipated phone platform in years. Without a doubt you'd take more than a passing glance at Android right? So why would Sprint CEO Dan Hesse say that Android isn't good enough in its current form to put the Sprint brand on, effectively passing on Android until some point in the future.

We've been using the T-Mobile G1 and Android extensively for the past weeks and you know what Sprint? It is good enough. It might even be better on a carrier with a better 3G network. It'll certainly be amazing on WiMAX. Go and save yourself Sprint by grabbing an Android device early so you can satisfy your customers and shareholders.

[Reuters via Gizmodo]

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  • my only problem with my G1 is the memory issue. It would only make sense that the storage card act as memory expansion. Jus like a computer, or at least give an option to allocate some of it for the phones memory. We all know how your apps can eat away at the memory. I for one love my G1, even with its little problems. Since sprint doesn't want to join the G1 community, I say, oh well! I put my G1 against my friends samsung, uhm, uhm! I forgot the name of there touch screen. Mine blew his away! Nuff said!
  • I have been with Sprint 6 years and have no major complaints with them in the past. They are quickly falling behind though and I am seriously thinking of switching to T-Mobile simply for the G-1. Dan’s continued delay in pushing subpar phones confuses me. When calling customer service, they are clueless, only pushing the Palm Pre. How can they say they are part of the Open Handset Alliance if customer service has no clue? Cricket and Metro even look better after you learn that Boost only supports their own phones, not even supporting Nextel phones fully.