Spotify has introduced a number of new features that help tailor the music your music listening to different parts of your day. The new Now section will serve up playlists tailored to activities and times of the day, like the early morning, for your commute, or when you go to bed.

From Spotify:

From the time you wake up until tonight's party, the Now start page serves you the right music day and night. Need a Monday morning playlist pick-me-up? Done. The right tunes to help you focus after lunch? We've got you covered. And because Now learns what you like, you'll be sure to hear the right music – selected from our in-house experts and your personal collection – whatever the occasion. Recommendations will adapt over time to fit your taste and mood.

Spotify is also introducing Spotify Running, which will match your music to your pace as you run. When you start your run, the app will automatically detect your pace, and play music to match it across multiple genres.

Moving beyond music, Spotify is also expanding into video and podcasts. You'll be able to play video clips in entertainment and news from several outlets, including ABC, ESPN, BBC, and Comedy Central. Spotify will also learn what you like, and make recommendations for new videos or podcasts. They are also teaming with partners to create original music and videos specifically for Spotify.

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While Spotify Now is currently only rolling out to iPhone users in the US, UK, Germany, and Sweden, Android users shouldn't have to wait too long to get their hands on these new features.

Source: Spotify