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Sony Xperia Play caught on video again, now shown running PS1 games

Sony's Xperia Play can't stay out of the news. It's always being caught on pictures or videos and it hasn't even been officially announced yet. A new video shows the device running PS1 games Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer.

As pointed out in the source link, the games appear to be played via an emulator, which may suggest that the Xperia Play comes with a PS1 emulator built-in. Nothing can be confirmed now though until we hear something official from Sony. Until then, we'll keep enjoying these videos of the device in the wild. Enjoy the video after the break! [Edge via Engadget]

  • can it run playstation 2 games?
  • Or it could just be running the playstation emulator in the market right now PSX4DROID. This phone look great for all the classic emulators in the market as long as the keys can be binded in those programs. I won't get my hopes up though, I doubt this will come to Sprint ever.
  • I think since the phone has been shown to have the p[laystation market I think you can just ps1 games there and also with the psp go I believe you can get ps1 games there as well and also ps1 emulator from the market as well. I heard it's coming to the US this spring my guess a phone as awesome as it looks like it could be will get stuck in the duldrums of tmobile or us cellular and never see the big 3 but im on verizon and this will be my next phonoe gauranteed if it comes to big red. Only thing that would stop me if it wasn't 4g but it's in asia now so it should has sim capability which should give 4g to the phone hopefully *FINGERS CROSSED*
  • Zero chance this ever comes to Verizon any time soon. SE walked away from the CDMA market years ago.Don't know if SonyEricsson has any LTE devices planned.Could see this on T-Mobile while AT&T gets the Xperia Arc.
  • so why should I buy this phone if many high end android phones can also run ps1 games with the emulator?
  • Exactly what I was thinking, especially since Sony has a horrible track record (right along with Samsung) on updating their phones to newer Android versions when they are available. The only thing I can think of is the slide out gaming controls. To each their own, I guess, but I like my phone to function well as a phone...if I wanted a mobile gaming system that bad I would already have a PSP.
  • I believe I'll stick to my $2.99 psx4droid, thank you very much...
  • my phone already runs this stuff and i can use a wii classic controller to play if i don't want to use the touch screen i just put a ps1 disc in the pc make a iso image load on phone plays great, my next phone will have duel core
  • sony=fail
  • It's just one FUGLY mobile!! I wouldn't take one of those phones if it was free.