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Someone's working on a Facebook phone

Remember how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said they weren't working on a Facebook phone? Maybe he's not (or wasn't at the time), but it sure looks like someone is. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group got a submission dated Dec. 23 for the INQ Cloud Touch that is described as the following:

INQ Cloud Touch is an Android smartphone built to make messaging faster and smarter. It’s designed around the way people naturally communicate and has Facebook built into its core. The homescreen features multiple entry points to different Facebook functions, while a dynamic widget displays a feed of status updates, albums, videos and photos.

A lot of that's your typical hardware/software talking points ("the way people naturally communicate"). But it's the "Facebook built into its core" and "multiple entry points to different Facebook functions" that perks our ears up a little bit. That and the whole Android-based thing. So maybe we're going to see an official Facebook phone. Or maybe somebody's tapping into whatever APIs are available. [Bluetooth SIG via Pocketnow]

  • This should be interesting...
  • oh sorry man, it was meant for the post under yours
    and sorry for the double comment :P
  • INQ has been making various "social" phones for a couple years now; nothing new here, just their own natural progression. Certainly not an "official" facebook phone. Check out to see what they're about.
  • okay when you say so... stupid teens, this just had to come
    how many people watched the twilight series? that's exactly how many people will buy this phone, assuming your assumption is correct :)
  • It just seems pointless. The only people who would want this is stupid teens. Honestly without even trying I have 4 different ways to post to facebook on my phone.
  • You may be right that only stupid teens would be the only ones who want this, but every teen I see has a cell phone.
  • Why? What could this fabled device do that the Android application or other devices don't already do? Messaging - check
    chat - check
    comments - check
    friends list - check
    implementation into phonebook - check
    auto-sync contacts - check
    stream updates to phonebook - check am I missing something?
  • You are missing that it could share your data without permission.
    Comes with a Stock Me button?
  • Fully working push notification?
  • I think the idea of a facebook phone is stupid and I would 1. Never buy one and 2. Slap anyone who has one
  • But the monthly charges should be really cheap. After all, a Facebook phone would be a party line (remember those) where everybody knows your business and listens in on your calls.
  • Just sounds like Sense (but a little more Facebook integrated) to me. I don't see it being an official "Facebook Phone," maybe an unofficial Facebook focused phone. Facebook is on just about every Android phone made, they'd have to offer something pretty big to even be considered for a purchase by most.
  • Absolutely pointless. I have no idea who they would market this phone to. The Android app is just sweet. They finally added chat and that's all that was missing before.
  • The Android facebook app is garbage.
  • lame
  • If you think the android fb app is sweet you've never used an iPhone. Its miles better. They need to make an iPhone fb phone. All they are looking for is name recognition anyways. Ppl will buy iPhone no matter what it does. Or doesn't do. Someone needs to make a fully functioning fb app for android before they worry about some phone no one cares about.