The Note 10 is fast-approaching and aiming to be the most advanced smartphone in Galaxy history. However, having the latest and greatest always comes with a cost and in this case, quite literally. Luckily, Spigen's Note 10 & 10+ collection is ready with another lineup and this time they are putting a smart spin to their already protective and slim cases.

Elevating the Note 10 with smart design

There's never been a doubt in Spigen's selection of quality cases - durable build while staying surprisingly slim. And this time, they have enhanced the design of a few to elevate the unique features the newest Note brings. Given the phablet's glorious infinity screen, Spigen's Thin Fit aims to add no bulk to the experience while Ultra Hybrid S comes with a built-in kickstand to make the viewing experience effortless. And for those that prefer to carry around a "phone wallet", Slim Armor CS adds a low profile card storage - storing up to two cards and some cash.

Adding a whole new look for the Note 10

Now, let's talk about actual case design. Spigen brings various styles for different tastes but in the same military-grade certified frame. Rugged Armor, brings the look inspired by car design by having an overall matte black finish accented with carbon fiber textures. Neo Hybrid is another that is built with a sleek two-piece build where the bumper frame acts as a highlight that comes in different color options. And for those that appreciate a much more minimal take, Liquid Armor comes with a much subtler pattern overall. All these carry Spigen's latest "3D Sound Tunnel" for enhanced sound experience.

Meet their latest drop technology

Tough Armor is probably Spigen's most-loved in Spigen history. With it being one of the most anticipated, they went to put one of their newest foam technology to the test. And with its recent success in improved shock absorption, you will now begin to see a neon yellow colored foam lined in the interiors of their Tough Armor beginning with this year's Note lineup. Despite an added layer of cushion in during its initial impact, it still remains comfortable to hold in the hands and most importantly, compatible with both wireless and reverse charging.

Choosing smart over all else

Spigen is putting their best foot forward to give you what they call, "Smart Protection" - an attempt to make your Note experience the way you need it in addition to keeping it tastefully slim. Whether you plan to watch to keep things organized or spend endless hours playing FortNite, Spigen's got you.

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