Slack is finally back after a morning outage

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Update, January 4 (12:50 pm ET): Slack service starts improving for some.

Update, January 4 (3:20 pm ET): Slack service should be back for all.

What you need to know

  • Slack has gone down for many worldwide.
  • The company this morning confirmed connectivity issues preventing customers from sending messages or connecting to Slack as a whole.
  • Slack says it's investigating the issue and plans to have a fix soon.

They say start the year as you mean to go on, but perhaps Slack shouldn't take that too literally. The communications platform is now experiencing slowed down service, preventing some people from sending or receiving messages.

The company acknowledged this outage at around 10 AM ET, sharing the following update on its status page:

Customers may have trouble loading channels or connecting to Slack at this time. Our team is investigating and we will follow up with more information as soon as we have it. We apologize for any disruption caused.

As more and more people work from home, remote communication systems like Slack are key to managing employee communications and keeping teams in sync with each other. Whereas Slack outages pre-2020 could be remedied by a walk across the room to a co-worker's desk, it's not so for most in 2021. Slack will presumably be up and running in a matter of hours, but it's a weak start to a year for a company et to see a surge in demand.

Update, January 4 (12:50 pm ET) — Slack service starts improving

Some people may be seeing improvements in Slack at this time. Aside from reports on social media hinting at a return of the service, the Slack team also said:

While the issue is largely still ongoing, we believe some customers may see improvement in connecting to Slack after a refresh (CTRL/CMD + R).

Though the company warns users to hold off on relaoding if they can access Slack anyway.

Update, January 4 (3:20 pm ET) — Slack is back

Slack access should be restored for all, the company said. For users who still can't access it, the company says users should either refresh or restart the app.

Michael Allison