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HTC's Sense UI Finally Ported to the Droid

The teaser videos have been around for about a month, people have been anticipating it, and it appears as though it is finally here. Over at AllDroid user Greek35T has been hard at work trying to perfect the port of the new Sense UI to the Motorola Droid.  (See our review of the new Sense.) Well, the wait is over for those brave enough to load this port from the HTC Desire onto their device. While the majority of reports are positive about this ROM, there are always going to be minor kinks, so take this at your own risk. For more information about this ROM, and directions for loading it be sure to check here.  [AllDroid via BoyGeniusReport]

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  • It wasn't just Greek himself, it was the Zues Team or w/e
    Greek35T, thegeektern, and birdman.
  • i would <3 to port this to my droid....but to me still seems a lil pointless, i dont wanna switch my 3g on and off all the time just so i can make a call....ill wait until theres a fix or i may not be able to enjoy it at all, if thats the case ill just stick with beautiful widgets and a home replacement option
  • It's a great port fast and stable with Droid swap now let's fix the phone
  • Now all we need is Blur our Heroes.
  • So no GPS? I'll wait
  • Motoblur is so much better
  • I'm not a fan of the Sense UI, I've played with the Droid Eris and a supervisor at work has the Hero which I've fixed for him several times. He would hit something accidentally and it would change a setting and it would be near impossible to switch it back because the button that chaged a setting was so damn tiny or just hidden in with everything else. Sense makes the phone feel too... complicated, for lack of a better term. It's complicated in the sense that it's too sensitive and not very user friendly as some if it's widgets are not easy to work with. I would compare Sense UI to an emo kid. I prefer stock Android, or Motoblur, I found Motoblur to be a fun and enjoyable uer experience, however I can't see it on the Droid. Motoblur is like a big middle finger to the Sidekick OS.