HTC reminders Sense TV users to download Peel app

Effective April 30, users of the Sense TV app will receive a "no data retrieved" message when launching the app, as HTC is shutting it down and asking users to switch to Peel. At the end of March users started seeing warnings of the shut down, and HTC had already replaced the app on the HTC One M9.

With the service shutting down, HTC is advising people to download Peel Smart Remote, which Smart TV was a customized version of, to continue using the app.

Before we get into the details of this change, let's talk about why we've decided to shut down Sense TV. First, we want to make sure our engineering team is focused on what's most impactful for you, which means working on software and features like the Camera app, BlinkFeed, and Zoe. Second, Sense TV was powered by the Peel Smart Remote app.

Unfortunately, Peel TV does not offer live sports games as Sense TV did, but it does allow users to share programs with their friends, which Sense TV did not do. If you are a Sense TV user you will want to download Peel Smart Remote from Google Play now.