SEGA's Kingdom Conquest II hits the Play Store

As a follow-up to the very popular Kingdon Conquest game, SEGA is releasing Kingdom Conquest II on Android today. This RPG (Role Playing Game) style game brings in traditional action-packed gameplay along with some strategy that gives the game long-term playability. As a worthy successor to the first game, the storyline continues but is improved with new graphics and gameplay. There are solo, cooperative and multiplayer modes available, giving you plenty of options to play with other users around the world. You'll have a big pool of players to choose from as well, as the game has already been downloaded over 100,000 times. SEGA says the original title was downloaded over 3.5 million times worldwide.

Kingdom Conquest II is free, which is nice if you're looking to get a quick look to see if you like it. You can grab a download at the Google Play Store link at the top of this post.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • It's still a little buggy and some lag issues on my Nexus 7. Hope Sega updates it soon to fix these annoying issues. Also, use my invite code for some bonus items when you first sign up: 43ea4128 ;)
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  • my invite code : c241c9f3 at login screen select "input invite code" and finish the tutorial for SR card and gold tickets !
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