Google may launch the second-generation Chromecast later this month, offering improved hardware and new features. According to 9to5Google, the upcoming Chromecast may feature Wi-Fi ac connectivity, which will be an upgrade from the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n on offer with the first-gen model.

The media streamer will allegedly come with a "feeds" option through which you can select content or image feeds that will show up on the home screen. Also new is a Fast Play mode, which allows the Chromecast to establish a connection and play content from connected devices faster than before.

Another new addition is dubbed Chromecast Audio, through which you'll be able to connect the Chromecast to your standard speaker via an auxiliary cable, allowing you to then stream content from a connected device. The feature will allegedly offer support for multi-room playback, along with high-quality audio.

Spotify is also expected to announce Chromecast support during the unveil.


Based on the blurry images in question, it looks like Google is moving away from the dongle form factor, and may launch the new Chromecast in three color variants: black, red and yellow. It isn't clear as to how the Chromecast will connect to your TV or monitor, but with the unveil expected to occur at the Nexus event scheduled on September 29, we should be hearing more shortly.

Source: 9to5Google