Samsung Galaxy S6 edge teardown finds a battery that's glued to the curved display

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a unique smartphone when compared against predecessors. Not only do we have a curved screen, but also a battery that's tightly adhered to the rear of the display itself. If you're looking to repair your damaged Galaxy S6 edge, you may have a difficult time doing so.

Speaking of that screen – which is the highlight of the phone for a good reason – should you happen to require a replacement, it'll cost you far more than a standard flat panel. So, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has an edge in terms of design, but not quite so with regards to repairs.

Check out the full iFixit guide for more details on the teardown and why the S6 edge was awarded with a score of just 3 out of 10.

Source: iFixit

Rich Edmonds
  • They are really hoping you cannot replace that battery. I've never seen such an attempt at a forced upgrade in the future.
  • They pretty much want everyone to buy a new phone next year
  • Oh come on... While your battery will wear out, you could charge it from 0% to 100% every single day and it won't have lost any capacity 1 year from now. It takes 500 full charges before then.
  • Actually the problem is that not all batteries are created equal and if you get one that doesn't hold up as well as it's meant to then you have a phone that's basically no good within 1-2 years. My LG G2 battery was great for about a year but is absolute trash now and it's a PITA to replace. I'll never get another phone that doesn't have a battery that can be changed out relatively easily.
  • In theory. The battery in my S4 that only lasted a year says otherwise. I'm seeing more and more that people think wireless charging, which I was using, can accelerate battery death. And what just became standard in both S6es?
  • Really? Never? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Good luck when your battery craps out like my S3 did
  • Really you guys worry to much about battery's my old gs3 that i gave to my grandson still holds up pretty well .And it came out almost four years ago. I'M sure the battery in the gs6 is a much better battery then the one in my gs3 .The gs6 is one of the highest tech phones to date and benchmarks so it's the most powerful. So get over the no removable battery talk all ready I for one can't wait till Friday Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't care if the battery is removable or not....I was just letting people know that it happens so fall back. My GS3 battery dipped majorly after about a year. Have fun with your phone.
  • Have owned Samsung s2, S3,note 3.All have required a new battery after about 9months.. Good luck replacing that sealed in battery Posted via the Android Central App
  • 9 months seems very quick
    While I don't keep my main personal phone for more than a year, it eventually becomes my work phone and my nexus 5 with a seal battery is a year and a half old. So I keep a fair number of phones with sealed batteries for a year and 1/2 or more.
    sealed battery or not I've never had to replace a battery. Are you really that hard on your batteries? or do you simply replace the battery at the first sign of any battery capacity loss?
  • A person with multiple phones is not going to put the same kind of stress on any individual phone battery as someone who has a single phone they use extensively. You've answered your own question.
  • I have one phone that I use for work calls and emails during the hours of 9 to 5
    and one that I use all of the time. I put in an average of 4 1/2 hours of use on my personal phone every day.
    and pretty much kill the battery on my personal phone every day. even work days. I've had my G3 for over a year and the original battery is still fine
    my wife has a moto x that she's had for a year and a half and the battery is still going strong and she's an even heavier user than me. I think my comment that 9 months is out of the ordinary to kill a battery still stands.
  • Your right, point taken. I do know it's the number of recharges. not time.
    even when I only have one phone It usually lasted me a full day but I guess more extreme users do exist.
    If you have to do a full recharge twice a day then I guess you could conceivably kill a battery in 9 months. But at least give me that the note 3 battery lasts a long time, 2 full recharges in one day is pretty extreme usage :)
  • I think the problem is more about competing with apple and htc for the thinnest phones
    with so called "premium materials"
    Will it lead to early obsolescence, yea probably but I think it's a side effect, not the cause. Not everyone cares about having a phone that's ridiculously thin and made of metal /glass
    But after the S5 sold so poorly due to not having them samsung caved. Apple made the design that contributes to early obsolesce popular, everyone else is just following.
  • I'm sure that has a lot to do with it as well. I myself am finding less and less reasons to need the absolute latest phones released last fall or this spring. My G3 suits my needs just fine. However what the actual cause is doesn't matter in this case. I'm talking about why samsung choose to make the phone even thinner with a sealed battery in a metal / glass finish. Which one do you think the Samsung execs would rather believe? users don't need a new phone or we didn't make it pretty enough. Maybe it's a little of both, I just think the build materials decision came first because that's the direction the market as a whole is moving in, the rest is a by product.
  • Something you are doing is wrong. I still have a fascinate with the original battery and it charges fine. Same with an eris, thunderbolt, rezound and others. Where was Rick Grimes when we needed him a few 1000 years ago. He could have prevented all this stupidity.
  • Yeah when it comes to batteries you can do it wrong. Conditioning out of the box is a big one, and usage (charging) is another. When you buy a new car, the manufacturer recommends a certain way to break in the engine, transmission and other parts. The same thing applies on a smaller scale Where was Rick Grimes when we needed him a few 1000 years ago. He could have prevented all this stupidity.
  • On my third Galaxy device, never had a battery problem. Posted via the Android Central App
  • all phones are on an even playing field. Now all that matters are the intangibles. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nope. The M8 still has the SD Slot and the G4 may still have the removable battery and the SD Slot.
  • I think you mean the M9. Posted on my OnePlus One
  • On my fifth galaxy device, never a problem with a battery. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'd like to see them put it back together. That screen was ruined.
  • Just more proof that phones are not designed to be repaired at all except by the manufacturer.
  • I'll never buy a phone that doesn't have removable battery unless it's like 5000mah
  • Your choices will continue to dwindle Posted via the Android Central App
  • Which is sad. I guess it is time to make the switch to quick charge once a day or wireless Where was Rick Grimes when we needed him a few 1000 years ago. He could have prevented all this stupidity.
  • Didn't you say up thread you cannot do it wrong? Pick one Where was Rick Grimes when we needed him a few 1000 years ago. He could have prevented all this stupidity.
  • This takes anti-consumer screwing over to a new level. And we thought Apple was bad. I throw this back at all the users who were claiming that you COULD replace the S6 battery if you were determined enough. Utter BS. So glad I bought the S5 and didn't wait until the S6. Guess it'll be my last Samsung device.
  • Right! Won't buy another galaxy phone unless the s7 has a removable battery and SD card slot. Also water resistance or better... waterproofing. Posted via the Samsung Galaxy S5
  • My s5 looks better and better with every article. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is the exact same as the LG G2, Moto X, Iphone 6, etc. If you look at the ifixit teardown. It isn't bad at all comparatively speaking. I can do these kind of replacements without any issue in about 20 minutes, maybe 30 on the first one for that particular model. I would actually argue that taking this phone apart is significantly easier than the S5 as you don't have to initially open it from the screen. It is so much easier to open any phone from the back or sides as there is a lot less risk of damaging the screen and, flex cables, and motherboard.
  • Someone who sounds like they actually know what they're talking about on this subject?? Refreshing !!! Posted via the Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • I went into a T-Mobile store to "upgrade" to a S6 edge yesterday. Today a called them and told them to cancel my order. I don't want to live without removable battery and SD card if I don't have to. Plus I'm a power user so I don't want to downgrade in battery life. I just don't see too many pros in getting the edge besides how shockingly good it looks. Posted via my "Unlimited Everything" GALAXY NOTE 4
  • My 2 year old Xperia still gets 2 days from it's sealed battery. I'm not at all concerned about it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ohhhh, but Sammy finally brought us PREMIUM hardware. Haven't you all read? :-\ They downgrade the functionality in several areas, kmake it more like a piece of jewelry, and the tech media goes gaga. Go figure.
  • Oh boy, more Samsung Galaxy S6 battery woes... "A glass back and a stubbornly glued battery? Samsung, have you been hanging out with Apple?"