Samsung clears the air on red tinted Galaxy S8 displays

Bad news for people hoping something would go wrong with the Galaxy S8 launch and Samsung would immediately implode, those reports of Galaxy S8 displays with reddish tints to them aren't nearly enough. Not only are these displays extremely rare outside of South Korea, but Samsung says they can be fixed with a simple re-calibration using tools already on the phone and are not an actual defect.

The color balance setting in the S8 will fix this issue, but not before breathless talk of recall came from the Korea Herald.

Industry watchers, however, agree that the display is not safety related, and there is no reason to conduct a recall of the Galaxy S8 smartphones.

As amusing as it is going to be watching every potential issue with this phone return the conversation to the Note 7 recall, this particular issue was never going to be that serious. Every phone release has a couple units that make it off the line with defects which can only be fixed by replacement, and this wasn't even one of those situations.

This red tint thing couldn't be more of a non-issue, and will likely become one of those things where someone leaves an S8 on the table and a friend uses color balance to give its owner a fright the next time the phone is turned on. Not saying you should behave that way, but don't be shocked if there's a YouTube video with this prank in the not-so-distant future.

Russell Holly

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