Samsung Behold 2 Clears FCC, We Yawn

The Samsung Behold 2, rumored to rock Android, just cleared the FCC. That would make for exciting news, hmm, 6 months ago? We're kidding. But honestly, with so many amazing Android phones in the pipeline and each one offering fresh UIs and new experiences, will there be room for a device (the Behold 2) that's a successor to a device (the original Behold) we didn't even remember? Especially when it comes with only a 1000mAh battery (for reference that's less than the G1)?

Okay, we're being way too harsh. We don't even know what the styling of the device will be or what new features it'll add. The Behold 2 may be an amazing device for all we know! But simply put, Android is beginning to reach a point where we should probably stop focusing on what may be coming and begin to discuss what's already happening.

HTC Hero. Motorola CLIQ. Now that gets us rolling! What do you guys think? Are we being too tough on the Behold 2?

[via phandroid]

Casey Chan