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Rogers bringing the Huawei S7 and LG Optimus Pad to Canada?!

In case you've been wondering what tablets, aside from the Motorola Xoom may be heading towards Canada we have some unconfirmed but nonetheless nice rumors for you. The above image is a comparison chart, which according to the details is an internal document from Rogers outlining the differences between the iPad 2, LG Optimus Pad and the Huawei S7 tablets. While there isn't even any rumored launch dates for the Huawei S7, it looks as though Rogers may be seeing the LG Optimus Pad as early as May 10 as an exclusive device to their network. That's all for now but we'll let you know more when the information becomes available. [Mobile Syrup]

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  • Huawei, (pronounced as "hwa way" in English) is a really big company, some say the largest tell-com supplier in China. If they get into this space in a big way they can achieve a major position in android space fairly quickly, probably not as a technology leader, just from a market saturation point of view. The company (allegedly) has a long history of ripping off technology designs from industry leaders and releasing close copies. The S7 is big in Australia and is well regarded there as a nicely priced entry level device that does not skimp on features.