The Roborock E4 cleans your floors with incredible bang for buck

Roborock E4 Lifestyle
Roborock E4 Lifestyle (Image credit: Roborock)

Generally speaking, robot vacuums aren't a cheap investment. Good ones, anyway. Most of the time, if you want to purchase a model that actually cleans, you're looking at five hundred dollars minimum.

Roborock is breaking that mold with the Roborock E4. Methodical and efficient, it features both integrated vacuuming and mopping. With 2000Pa of suction and carpet boost, it's capable of competing with all but the most powerful vacuums on the market.

Better yet, thanks to improved internals, the Roborock E4 is up to 10% faster than its predecessors. It also sports a large dustbin, with 640ml of space, and a 28% larger optional mopping system for greater coverage (sold separately). And with intelligent gyroscopes and OpticEye motion tracking, the Roborock E4 can navigate past all but the most complicated obstacles, while its Z-shape route allows it to clean with much greater efficiency.

Roborock E

Roborock E4

Capable of quickly and efficiently cleaning homes of up to 2,152 square feet, the Roborock E4 is an incredibly impressive model, especially at its affordable price point.

Controllable via the Mi Home app, the Roborock E4 offers up to 6 different cleaning modes with varying levels of power. It also features Google Home and Amazon Alexa integration, allowing you to start and stop cleaning with voice commands. Its battery offers up to 150 minutes of cleaning power on a single charge, enough to give a once-over to a 2,152 square foot home — and for larger homes, the vacuum automatically returns to its charging dock to top up during cleaning.

The water tank, sold separately for $30, offers two different water flow levels and can be used simultaneously with the Roborock E4's vacuum functionality.

Roborock E4 Watertank

Roborock E4 Water Tank

Made of transparent polycarbonate, the Roborock E4's water tank is built for longevity. It can hold up to 180ml of water. Corrosive cleaning agents are not recommended.

There are a few trade-offs here, though. Unlike more advanced models, the Roborock E4 doesn't have object recognition, nor does it have the advanced AI functionality of higher-end models like the Roborock S6 MaxV. It also isn't able to recognize virtual barriers, so you'll need to make sure you manually close off any areas you don't want it to go using magnetic tape, which goes for $30 per 78 inches.

Roborock E4 Invisiblewall

Roborock Invisible Wall

Compatible with all Roborock vacuums, the Roborock Invisible Wall is available in either black or white and allows you to set permanent no-go zones anywhere in your home.

Roborock E4 Cleaning

Source: Roborock E4 (Image credit: Source: Roborock E4)

Still, even with those small caveats, the price of the Roborock E4 is pretty much unbeatable. In spite of its power and efficiency, it retails for just $270. That means that even if you do purchase several invisible walls and the water tank, you're still paying less than you usually would for a robot vacuum.

The notion that an automatic vacuum should break the bank seemed like a given. Nobody really thought to question it. But the Roborock E4 is proof positive that you don't need to pay out the nose just to keep your house clean.

At $270, it does everything a more expensive model can — and in some cases, even better.

Find out more or purchase your own Roborock E4.

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