The next installment of the Riptide GP series by Vector Games has crossed over from PS4 and PC to hit the Google Play Store, and it's exclusive to the NVIDIA Shield Android TV.

Riptide GP Renegade

The hydrojet racing series takes a Need For Speed-type turn this installment as your character is kicked out of the Riptide GP league and forced into illegal racing in new maps with massive waterfalls, surging waves, and cops to dodge in case racing a giant jet engine on skis wasn't hard enough. The graphics are impressive while still harkening back to my days tilting thru racing games at the arcade. There's plenty of mutli-player modes if you get tired of the single-player campaign (or need to play someone you can actually compete with for a while), and there's even internet multiplayer modes so you can play against people online. At ten bucks, this game isn't cheap, but if you're a racing gamer, this is certainly a change from other street racing titles.

Race through the seedy underbelly of the hydrojet worldRace against your friends or complete strangersRace through several mapsThis is the beginning of the end of a career.

Vector Games is looking to bring the game to mobile soon, but for right now, if you've got a NVIDIA Sheild Android TV and ten bucks, it's an excellent way to beat the heat and ride some waves. With a big honking jet engine.

Riptide GP: Renegade ($9.99)