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Rdio updates its Android app ... for Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility

Eagle-eyed Android Central reader @baynard17 pinged us on Twitter this morning to alert us to an update to Rdio's Android app. It's good to see the bugfixes and TELUS integration (Canadian carriers need love, too), plus support for gift cards.

But the really interesting bullet point is "Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich' support. We know Ice Cream Sandwich is coming in the fourth quarter this year -- Google announced it at its developer conference in May -- and that it'll bring the Android tablet and smartphone tracks back together. We've yet to see public release of the SDK, and likely won't for an other couple months. But it'd be of little surprise to us to learn that some developers already have it under an NDA, and Rdio's a good choice for that.

Does that mean ICS is imminent? Google said Q4, and we've got no reason to believe we'll see it sooner. (But it'd certainly be cool if we did.)

Thanks, @baynard17!

  • OH BOY! . . . testing going on with DEVS? Select DEVS? . . . I was afraid this would happen... With Rumors pushing the Sprint GS2 into September I think it would be kind of close to an ICS announcement and the time we'll start hearing rumors and seeing leaks.... Then I'll be forced to wait for the NEXT NEXUS Whoohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • When did they say Q4? From what I remember they said they will have new versions every 6 months, which was in late feb Here is the article, Honeycomb launched in Feb, so that means this Aug we should have something?
  • Someone needs to check the code or something, see if we can find any hidden ice cream goodies. Oooooo , Oct/Nov can't come soon enough!
  • "Oooooo"?? Did you just have a nerdgasm?
  • Call me crazy but doesn't the pic sort of look like new software? The time design and format kind of reminds me of honeycomb...
  • You're crazy. (Sorry, you asked for me to do it.) The pic is a screen shot of (most likely) Phil's phone (probably running a custom ROM), not from Rdio themselves on some type of top secret ICS test device.
  • Yeah I thought so... :)
  • Hey it's my screen in the picture. I just have a custom rom on my Droid X
  • >"Does that mean ICS is imminent? Google said Q4, and we've got no reason to believe we'll see it sooner. (But it'd certainly be cool if we did.)" And when it is released, then we can all wait a year before it is available for any of our devices :(