Rdio updated with UI and playback improvements

Looks as though the development team at Rdio had another few days to go ahead and work on their Android app. The latest update is now available in the Google Play Store and has quite a few bug fixes included with it. Most importantly, some playback issues have been resolved along with some UI improvements that will offer up a better in-app experience for those of you have a keen interest in what your friends are listening to these days:

  • New Releases is now a grid view
  • Improved buffering player UI when loading tracks
  • Jump to album from track in playlist
  • Can now view all extended search results
  • Clickable URLs in activity stream
  • Playlist editing improvements
  • UI Improvements
  • Bug fixes

If you had any issues with the previous version, now would be a great time to go ahead and grab the update. If you're new to Rdio, you'll find the link below to get yourself started. Keep in mind, it is a subscription based service so I've included the site link as well below in case you need some more information. Plus, free trials are available.

Download: Rdio for Android, Site: Rdio