Razer CEO talks OUYA, Forge TV and upcoming game streaming service in AMA

In an AMA session on Razer's website, CEO Min-Liang Tan answered questions regarding the future of OUYA, whose software and publishing wing was acquired by the accessory maker earlier this month. Tan revealed that OUYA's platform will be integrated into Razer's Android TV offering, Forge TV, by Q4 2015:

Cortex TV will be a store on the Forge TV. OUYA will be a publisher of games to stores like Cortex TV, Google Play, XiaoMi, Alibaba etc.

Those that have already invested in OUYA and have on-console credit will be able to access content for the next twelve months:

We didn't acquire the OUYA hardware business and we don't provide any support for it. However, out of goodwill, we're keeping the lights on for the next 12 months or so for the software services associated with it. That much said (from what I know of the device) , as a hardware device, the OUYA HW box should still work standalone without the services to run the apps already on it.

Tan said that work was underway in migrating games and content from OUYA's platform onto as many "platforms as possible," including the Play Store:

We made the decision not be a bunch of assholes and keep the content for ourselves. We believe in openness (like the work we do on OSVR etc) and we wanted to get the games to be on as many platforms as possible.We'll do what we can to support the developers to do it - but at the end of the day, it's the choice of the developer and OUYA will work toward enabling it. But yes - that's the vision.

Tan also shed details on Cortex Stream, a streaming service similar to NVIDIA's GameStream that allows you to stream PC titles on the Forge TV. Tan mentioned that the service will be live sometime in the fourth quarter, and that discussions with Netflix were ongoing to make the service accessible on the Forge TV.

As for availability, Tan said that the Forge TV will be available in markets outside the U.S. in Q4, with Cortex TV integrated. For OUYA customers looking to trade in their micro-consoles for the Forge TV, Razer will be issuing details on discounts shortly.

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