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Razer CEO talks OUYA, Forge TV and upcoming game streaming service in AMA

In an AMA session on Razer's website, CEO Min-Liang Tan answered questions regarding the future of OUYA, whose software and publishing wing was acquired by the accessory maker earlier this month. Tan revealed that OUYA's platform will be integrated into Razer's Android TV offering, Forge TV, by Q4 2015:

Cortex TV will be a store on the Forge TV. OUYA will be a publisher of games to stores like Cortex TV, Google Play, XiaoMi, Alibaba etc.

Those that have already invested in OUYA and have on-console credit will be able to access content for the next twelve months:

We didn't acquire the OUYA hardware business and we don't provide any support for it. However, out of goodwill, we're keeping the lights on for the next 12 months or so for the software services associated with it. That much said (from what I know of the device) , as a hardware device, the OUYA HW box should still work standalone without the services to run the apps already on it.

Tan said that work was underway in migrating games and content from OUYA's platform onto as many "platforms as possible," including the Play Store:

We made the decision not be a bunch of assholes and keep the content for ourselves. We believe in openness (like the work we do on OSVR etc) and we wanted to get the games to be on as many platforms as possible.We'll do what we can to support the developers to do it - but at the end of the day, it's the choice of the developer and OUYA will work toward enabling it. But yes - that's the vision.

Tan also shed details on Cortex Stream, a streaming service similar to NVIDIA's GameStream that allows you to stream PC titles on the Forge TV. Tan mentioned that the service will be live sometime in the fourth quarter, and that discussions with Netflix were ongoing to make the service accessible on the Forge TV.

As for availability, Tan said that the Forge TV will be available in markets outside the U.S. in Q4, with Cortex TV integrated. For OUYA customers looking to trade in their micro-consoles for the Forge TV, Razer will be issuing details on discounts shortly.

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • Well, no Android TV for me then. Nexus Player: even if I wanted to roll the dice with their Intel SOC, the 1 GB of RAM is a killer. (Not only does the older Fire TV have 2 MB of RAM, but the Roku and Apple TV have 512 MB and those boxes don't even have actual apps to speak of.) Nvidia Shield TV: $199 is too much for a streaming box. Yes, I know that they claim that it is a console, but until developers start releasing current AAA titles for it instead of 10 year old ports, it is a streaming box. And because I don't have a PC handy with an Nvidia card, I can't stream current PC and Steam games to the thing, and no I have no interest in renting games via GRID. So that left Razer Forge: a decent price (especially if you buy it direct from them without the controller) with 2 MB of RAM and the Qualcomm 805 (their decision not to use the 808 was regrettable, but the 805 is still a great CPU; much better than the 600 in the Fire TV). The problem? It honestly seems as if Razer has no idea what they are doing. Releasing it with a 32 bit CPU when there were PLENTY of 64 bit CPUs to choose from such as Qualcomm 615 and 808, Nvida K1 or X1, or even the 2.3 GHz Intel Atom Z3580 (the Nexus Player used the 1.8 GHz Z3560). What happens when games optimized for 64 bit CPUs come out? No SD card support. Why, since nearly all Android devices have them? USB 3.0 port, but only for controllers and not storage. Razer's CEO in their AMA chat FALSELY claims that they won't be able to enable storage via the USB support until Google releases such support. Granted, while said support will be native in Android M, how long will it be before Razer upgrades to Android M? Second, they aren't telling the truth. Android ALREADY supports storing media files on USB. And more than a few companies have already worked out storing apps on USB drives, including Amazon, Mad Catz and, well, the Nvidia Shield TV. Add it all up: the reason why they didn't bother to include any real onboard storage was because streaming PC and Steam games via Razer Cortex Stream was supposed to be the main feature. The problem? It does not work. Keep in mind: it was supposed to work at launch. It did not. Then Razer promised that it would work a few weeks after launch. It didn't make that date, so then they claimed that it would be delivered by this summer. They failed to make that date also. NOW they are saying that it will be available "sometime in the 4th quarter" which means October at earliest, and as late as December. This will almost certainly be after Android M is available, and may even be after Google (hopefully) releases a refresh of the Nexus Player. And it makes me wonder: Razer states that the Cortex Stream will launch with the Ouya integration in the 4th quarter. Get this: Ouya has LONG had the same streaming capabilities that Razer is promising. So was Razer unable to get streaming working on their own and had to acqui-hire Ouya's programmers to get it working? It certainly seems so. Which makes me wonder: if Ouya had been able to get another round of funding and survived, if only for now, or if someone else, would Razer have been able to deliver on Cortex Stream? It certainly doesn't appear so. My goodness, there badly needs to be another Android TV device here. If all I wanted was to stream Netflix and run Kodi and even do some screen mirroring, there are plenty of cheap Android, Linux and Windows solutions for that. Razer has proven their (lack of merit) in both hardware design and inability to deliver on their own software product. And Nvidia is at least $50 too much. Seriously, you can get a NEW Playstation 3 or XBox 360 (and play CURRENT or at least NEWER console games) for less than the Nvidia Shield TV. Nvidia should have at least sold the box without the controller (and if need be without the remote) on their site as Razer does (and as can be done with the Nexus Player and Fire TV) to lower the cost of entry, especially since many of us already have our own controllers. It really stinks that Samsung has decided to move on with their Tizen junk pipe dream and isn't even casting an eye towards Android TV at all. I understand Sony's desire not to undercut Playstation by coming out with a compelling Android TV product. But someone else please? LG? HTC? Motorola? ZTE? Huawei? Xiaomi? Just a $99 box with 2 GB of RAM, a 64 bit CPU (with at least 4 cores and 2 GHz), dual band WiFi+ethernet+bluetooth, SD card slot, 1080p, HDMI passthru and USB port is all that is needed. That is pretty much the same specs as the Asus MemoPad from last year that can be had for as little as $80 new. For goodness sakes, the extra gig of RAM, ethernet port, HDMI out would cost a bit more, but the device would lack the battery and the touchscreen and should be CHEAPER than a tablet or phone. Ugh. It is so frustrating. Getting a Mad Catz Mojo and putting an Android TV custom ROM on it would be a better deal, but unfortunately no one has been able to get Chromecast/Googlecast working by going that route.
  • The SHIELD Android TV is worth every penny at $199, and the Xbox 360 and PS3 - sure, they start at $179 now, but they are obsolete, and are 10 and 9 years old each, respectively. That argument holds no water. If you want the best Android TV box, get the SHIELD Android TV, it blows all other Android TV devices out of the water.
  • "it blows all other Android TV devices out of the water" Considering that there are 3 Android TV devices in America and one has a single gigabyte of RAM and the other still can't support promised core features like 4 months after launch, that just ain't saying a whole lot. So we have two Android TV devices that are worse than not only the Fire TV (whose only limitation is the lack of apps) but actually even the Fire TV stick and a third device that is just $100 too much. Yes, it has way more horsepower than the outdated Xbox and PS3, but without games to match that hardware what is the point? Put it this way: if the Shield TV was priced more reasonably, I would at least CONSIDER finding an Nvidia graphics card and installing it into my PC myself (plenty of YouTube videos on that stuff). But as it is, Shield TV + SD card + graphics card ... you are talking about an actual PS4 or XBox One type of investment. Nvidia "wins" because everyone else either put out hot garbage (Razer), a glorified Roku/Chromecast (Asus/Google) or didn't even enter the market. I gotta admit, had I chosen better when I bought my PC (or even my laptop) I would have the Nvidia Shield TV already. As it is, their device is the best but it excludes far too much of its potential market.
  • I would say they "win" because they're the only company that has delivered on their promises when it comes to an Android game console. The Grid gaming service is awesome btw, no need for your own gaming PC (free until the end of September). You don't need an SD card, but it certainly helps. I have a 4TB USB 3.0 drive attached to mine - can't install apps directly to it yet, but that should be appearing soon.
  • I know I Know. Forget Andorid TV and buy a PC : )
  • Ooo de a Posted via the Android Central App
  • LPe Posted via the Android Central App
  • Is It going to over heat as well now and be a recall? Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • And Apple has had HOW MANY issues with their MacBook Pro? Including at least one where they blamed the issue on their component supplier and refused to repair it or issue a refund?
  • Woah there Tonto. I was just making a joke.
  • Cool, but your joke sucked. At least Nvidia caught the issue and no one was hurt. I think the forge TV will do good once they get Netflix and Cortex Stream. : ) Then again there is the Steam Link which was a very smart move by Valve. I like what Razor is doing with OUYA and I think they can really help get more games onto Android TV. However, I love my Shield and I highly recommend buying one.