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Race around the world in 80 Days for Android

Literary adventure game 80 Days is now available for Android from the Google Play Store. More of an interactive novel, 80 Days follows the attempt of Phileas Fogg to go around the world in that amount of time.

You play as Passepartout, Fogg's valet. You must balance Fogg's money, health, and time. You determine the what path you take to each city. Gain time advantages by bribing your way onto early departures, or get more cash by selling valuable items. You can meet and race other players, challenging them to beat your time around the world. Timed with the Android release is a new set of arctic adventures which open fresh paths around the world.

80 Days is available for purchase now on Google Play (opens in new tab).

  • No thanks it already takes me like 80 days to open YouTube on my gs5 lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • +10000
  • Already played it enough on the iPod.. We would have bought it twice (Android and iOS) if they came out at the same time, but I've played it more than enough now to justify buying it for my own phone.. too bad it's a great game.